Female Curation Project Jointly launched by Art Angels and SuperRare

Female Curation Project Jointly launched by Art Angels and SuperRare

Last Thursday, Art Angel and SuperRare boldly released “Meta Spectrum,” a female-focused curation. The project features unique NFT production from Sarah Zucker, Ayla El- Moussa, Lindsey Price, Vidya, Erica Reiling, Amber Vittoria, Joyce N. Ho Marlo, Jessica Ticchio, and Art Angel’s very own Stefania Nazzal, called “Inception of a Rainbow.”

The project will be available and can be accessed exclusively in SuperRare. All artists explore the idea of “Meta Spectrum” by exhibiting the unique energy of the frequencies that were revealed into various perspectives, mediums, stylistic preferences, subject matter, and color.

Meta spectrum is being displayed by Art Angel’s technology partner, TokenFrame, which connects a Web3 wallet.

Other than that, Art Angel is also pleased to announce that there will be a solo exhibition by the lead of Stefania Nazzal, who’s a Duba-based contemporary artist.

The Swiss contemporary artist Nazzal interpreted her childhood visions – therapeutic and contemplative – into vibrant artworks that emulate her magical encounters with nature.

After the Rain project focuses and promotes the well-being of the overall, which includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

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