How to get free NFT drops?

NFTs have become popular and many projects are coming up to leverage the opportunity that this new niche creates. Consequently, the relatively new market may become confusing, especially to newbies.  Whether you are an investors or a collector, you need to know how to find NFTs early to take advantage of the volatile market. You may wonder how to find NFT drops. This guide will not only show you where to find NFT drops.

How to find NFT drops

You can find good NFT projects or information about NFT drops in different ways.

1. NFT Market Places

NFT drops are available on the NFT markets. You can visit any NFT market and navigate to upcoming NFTs. You will see all the projects that are just about to launch. The listing will include the description of the project, the time of launch, and the price of the NFT assets. Alternatively, you can use third-party websites that aggregate the upcoming NFT drops. There are many types of NFT marketplaces. The first category is mass marketplaces, which refers to large marketplaces in the crypto world such as OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway. These platforms claim to be home to a variety of NFT collections cutting across arts, sports, trading cards, and even virtual reality. Many artists use these platforms since they have many users. The second category is the non-curated, self-service NFT art marketplaces, which provide access to all users. Artists only need to register and pay the transaction fee before they are allowed to mint an NFT. The quality of these arts varies greatly due to their open nature. However, you can still get good NFTs drops from them. The third category is curated NFT marketplaces, which are invite-only platforms. The sites are more selective on the artist and require artists to submit an application form with a strict selection procedure before they begin dropping their NFTs. Such platforms are suitable if you are looking for single-edition and unique digital artworks. These markets can be true goldmines since they usually contain quality NFTs. However, they are relatively expensive, and finding cheap art is uncommon. The fourth category is gaming platforms, which capitalizes on gaming and virtual reality. They contain NFT gaming collectibles that can be sold or swapped with another player. The fifth category is Sports NFT marketplaces, which deals with sports collectibles. The NFTs are related to memorable sporting events including highlights. Such platforms include Sorare and NBA Top Shots.

2. Social Media

Additionally, you can use social media to get the news about upcoming launches. Most NFT projects communicate through Twitter. NFT marketplaces will also communicate the upcoming NFT drops on their platforms. Twitter is an imported channel for NFT enthusiasts, as it will help you get the latest updates. You can also use other social media sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Clubhouse, and Facebook to get information about the upcoming drops. Ensure you follow NFT markets and other people who follow NFTs.

3. Instant Messaging Channels

You can also use instant messaging channels such as Discord. You will find people talking about other drops in branded discord rooms. You can also use the Telegram channel to get information about the available and the upcoming drops.

4. Podcast and Word of Mouth

Podcasts and word of mouth are still good ways of finding out about NFT drops. You can make friends with other crypto enthusiasts and share knowledge and news about NFT launches. Additionally, you can follow podcasts that are dealing with NFTs. They usually drop hints about the upcoming drops. You should ensure that you are dealing with legitimate projects with value. You can check the credibility of projects through social media sites, especially Twitter. A highly hyped project with many followers and reactions is highly trustworthy.

How to get free NFT drops?

Have you heard the stories of how people could claim Bitcoin almost free during the earliest years of its launch? For example, in 2010, when Bitcoin was valued for the first time, someone swapped 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. If Laszlo Hanyecz were to sell those Bitcoins on November 5, 2021, he would have received over $680 million! Just like in Bitcoin and altcoin cases, when it comes to NFTs, one small action you take can lead to a massive profit that changes your financial life completely. You may find free NFTs that turn out to be great treasures if they gets hype and increase in demand. Therefore, actions that people may take as a waste of time, such as claiming free NFTs can turn out to be highly profitable. For example, if you acquired CryptoPunks at their earliest stages, you would have only paid a gas fee for it. Today, some of the CryptoPunks are selling for over $7 million – life-changing money. Not all the NFTs people claim free will make them rich. Many free NFTs, end up not attracting any value at the end of the day. Similarly, you may claim a first-generation NFTs from someone who eventually becomes a famous creator and their work massively gain value. NFT artists, marketplaces, gambling, and gaming platforms are giving out NFTs airdrops as incentives for their users and fans. This phenomenon is common with upcoming artists and the launching platforms. Here is how to find free nft drops.

Twitter and Discord Giveaways

If you are an NFT enthusiast and you are not on Twitter then you are losing a lot. Twitter is the platform where most NFT projects interact with the Public. All the announcements about any project, in most cases, will come out through this platform. Many NFT artists and companies share and promote their projects to the Twitter community. In many cases, you will find new artists and companies giving NFT drops free. It is difficult to gain audience and traction in the NFT community one first enters as a newbie. Therefore, they employ the strategy of NFT airdrops to get the initial base of customers. The only condition for getting such free NFTs is supporting these projects through actions such as retweeting, sharing, and liking their tweets. Additionally, they may request you to follow their account. Here are some examples of NFT giveaways on Twitter: Magic Peacocks is offering a free mint for its NFTs to the fans who will retweet, follow, and tag their friends to the below tweet. In another example, BabyDinos NFT is also giving away free NFTs. You only need to visit their Discord to get whitelist spots in preparation for the free minting. You can use the search button on Twitter to find out some of the available free NFTs. You can filter your search to the latest tweets or top tweets. While Twitter is often the most-used channel for NFT Giveaways, Discord is another place where you can find NFT airdrops. Discord has grown to become the hub for different communities, including NFT’s. In most cases, artists and collections offering NFT airdrop will ask you to follow their Discord to get the giveaways. Despite Twitter being one of the popular and easiest ways to find NFT, not every tweet you see about free NFTs is legitimate. To gain followers and likes for their accounts, some people will create fake posts about NFT Giveaways. Worse still, some fraudsters will use such posts to lure people to their sites to cone them. Even cybersecurity attackers can use this model as bait to get their victims. Always take precautions especially if the tweet is directing you to other sites. One of the tips you can use to avoid fraud is by checking the profile of the account posting the offer. Verified accounts are much safer since it means Twitter has monitored the account and its activities and confirmed that it is authentic, notable, and active. However, this is not an absolute test, as many artists and NFT collections will give their airdrops when they are just starting hence most of such accounts are not verified. There are many unverified, yet authentic accounts offering legit NFT airdrops. Another method you can use is the number of followers of the account. An active account with many real followers is more likely to be authentic than the less active one with few followers. You can also check the followers and even those reacting to the tweets by the account. If there are some reputable people or companies following the account or positively reacting to its posts, then that account and its offers are most likely legitimate. While sometimes some NFT drops tweets may refer you to the official website of the NFT project, you should be careful with referral links. Check their authenticity before you follow such links. Again, do not be too quick to connect your wallet to NFT Giveaway projects.

1. Manual Searching on NFT marketplaces

Artists and NFT projects list their marketplaces to reach the public with their digital assets. Apart from listing NFTs for sale, they also list free NFTs to attract users to their products, especially in the case of new projects. One of such NFT markets is, which lists the NFTs including the upcoming ones. However, not all upcoming NFTs have been listed on since the platform charges a listing fee. Therefore, unlike Twitter, it has limited listings. For Solana NFTs, you can visit,, and and try to browse the available free NFTs. If you are looking for Cardano NFTs, then you can go to Wen CNFT and check the upcoming NFTs. Even though these platforms may be reputable, it does not mean that every information you find in them about the listed NFTs is accurate. For example, the rarity.tool, states that they do not guarantee that the information listed on there is not 100% accurate. Therefore, you still need to be vigilant even when dealing with some popular NFT markets. You must do good research before jumping into any deal that offers free NFTs.

2. Playing games on NFT-backed gaming platforms

You can also play NFT-based online games and earn NFTs. Most gaming platform features NFT airdrops along their development roadmap to attract users. Such airdrop may come during the launch, where users are allowed to mint NFTs free. Usually, all the characters and accessories in such gaming platforms are tokenized. Some platforms will offer users free NFTs immediately after they join the community. Other platforms will monitor the activities of a community member before and choose to reward the most active players with NFTs. Others will also award NFTs in a gambling format, for example, the first minter can be allowed to have the NFT free. Sometimes they will say the 100th person. Online games also have a play-to-earn model that enables you to get free NFTs playing games. You can keep the digital tokens or sell them later for a profit. The value of NFTs for in-game assets depends on the demand for the game. If many people join the game, then the value of the assets will rise.

3. Blockchain Networks and Crypto trading Networks

Some blockchains and cryptocurrency trading platforms will also offer free NFTs as an incentive to attract users. PancakeSwap had an NFT Giveaway that rewarded 8,888 people with NFTs for simply creating an account with them. Blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain are also airdropping more than 1000 NFTs that you can claim. Now that you understand how you can get NFTs free, you can go ahead and try out these methods. If you have just entered the NFT market and you want to experiment with NFTs before you start spending your money, then NFT airdrops are for you. The above methods will help you get your first NFT free. Many NFT projects are out there and only a few have a big community. Therefore, competition is low and it is a lot easier to land a free NFT.   Subscribe to us for upcoming NFT drops Many NFT projects keep coming up, and you do not want to miss a good project. One secret for any NFT investor or collector is in-time communication. You should know when a new project is out to avoid missing opportunities. The need for instant messaging is the reason communication platforms such as Twitter and Discord win when it comes to NFTs. However, there are many users of these platforms, and sometimes announcements on the upcoming NFT drops may be hidden in millions of tweets until you fail to see them. That is where we come in. We work to help you on how to find the best NFT drops by in-time communication about the upcoming NFT drops. Our plan saves you the hustle of navigating many websites, marketplaces, and social media platforms to find NFT projects. We also helps you on how to find free NFTs. Subscribe today and remain alert.

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