Netflix series NFT collection released by Air Bud Entertainment

Netflix series NFT collection released by Air Bud Entertainment

The studio behind the long-lasting ‘Air Bud’ franchise, Air Bud Leisure, has now created an NFT platform with the partnership of a completely built-in NFT studio, Mint Werx, and the full-service NFT expert and technique supplier, Vivid Labs. The premium brand for live-action family TV and movie series, Air Bud Entertainment (ABE), has done over 22 household films and 5 film franchises. ABE also created a Netflix Collection that includes Pup Academy, Scaredy Cats, and its upcoming series Super Pupz. Robert Vince share a statement and said, “We’re thrilled to bring together the Air Bud community with an easy, user-friendly, and engaging experience that allows first-time NFT owners to embrace the technology while connecting with something they love.” Vince also added, “Mint Werx has strategically designed…a unique platform for engaging with our multi-media content. The experience is made easy with the ability to purchase NFTs without needing cryptocurrency or requiring a crypto wallet.” In the releasing NFT collectibles by ABE, participants can collect tokens that feature characters from any movies that are made by ABE. In addition to that, users can also get access to real-life exclusive member events. This will include having an exclusive artwork, Air Bud membership token, and free trading NFT card that features one of the characters in the series of Super Pupz.

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