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05/05/22 UTC

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Project Description

Angels Project NFTs are 1366 unique NFTS from 3 different collections that symbolize three different element in the world.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Angels Project Nft NFT Roadmap

Design Phase
Create the high quality NFT collections.
Create the high quality NFT collections.
At this stage, we also develop a tailor-made smart contract for every single NFT

Community Development
Website Launching
Social Network
(Twitter, Instagram, Discord)

First Phase
Public Mint 1,111 Tun-A-Toon will find a new place to call home on the Polygon Blockchain. 111 will be reserved for Whitelists

Free NFTs
Sending out Free partner’s NFTs to 200 first phase minters randomly

Second Phase
222 Mel-The Angel will be yours
Pre-Sale – 20% Discount for the first phase minters
Public Mint

Merchandising Release
First and Second Phase NFTs holders will have access to our merchandise store.
Special Discount on any merchandise with the art of your unique NFT.
Limited FREE merchandise for the owners of first and second phase NFTs collections

Final Phase
33 Wonders – floating islands of Indonesian will be released
Pre-Sale – 30% Discount for the second phase minters
Public Mint

Coin Distribution
Claim your share by owning atleast 1 NFT from each 3 collections
A portion of the coins will be share to Rumah Harapan to help people,
nature and animals in need

Additional Info

Presale- May 5th


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