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06/16/22 UTC

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Project Description

ANYDINGS is a digital collection of unique high-resolution collectibles. Your new friends are cute, bitsy, moody, material-textured DINGS with more than 150 traits! The traits are textures you can find everywhere in your life… Where do you see your ANYDINGS in your everyday life?

The distribution of the variants is weighted differently, so there are very rare variants among the 3333 ANYDINGS-NFTs. Each ANYDING is not only unique but also different rare!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities


03/25/22 ANYDINGS Ambassadors
Be one of the first 50 ANYDINGS Ambassadors to wake the town and tell the people! Check our Twitter and Instagram to get the chance to win one of these 50 Ambassadors!

04/28/22 ANYDINGS
Friends & Family 333 ANYDINGS will be minted for friends and family on April the 28th.

05/23/22 ANYDINGS
Whitelist ANYDING Ambassadors will get the chance to mint up to 15 ANYDINGS for a WL-price of 0.02 ETH before our Pre-Sale, but beware: you only have one WL-transaction!

05/26/22 ANYDINGS
PreSale The PreSale starts on 26th of Mai (10AM UTC). The Pre-Sale will provide 1000 ANYDINGS for early birds with a early bird price of 0.03 ETH and a transaction-limit of 15 tokens.

05/26/22 ANYDINGS
Reveal 12 hours after the Pre-Sale (26th of Mai at 10PM UTC) the Friends&Family and PreSale ANYDINGS will be revealed.

06/16/22 ANYDINGS
PublicRelease The PublicRelease starts on 16th of June (10AM UTC). The PublicRelease will provide 2000 ANYDINGS! Pricing will be 0.04 ETH and a transaction-limit of 15 tokens.

Additional Info

Check our Twitter- and Instagram-raffles for whitelist-spots!
Additionally give away 48 ANYDINGS Ambassadors.
Take a snapshot of the owners wallet-IDs with Ambassador NFT.
These wallet-IDs will be whitelisted.

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