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06/16/22 UTC

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Project Description

– is a is the first game to earn platform. Connect, Steam, Riot, etc and earn ARENA tokens just for gaming
– Mint is live on the 16th of June. Head over to to earn mint passes!
– Each NFT has several unique traits – the more rare your NFT, the more ARENA tokens you can claim every month
– Art produced by world-class designers that worked on Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, etc
– Get access to merch, holder-only features, special events, discounts, and ARENA tokens
– Veteran crypto team from Kraken, ShapeShift, KeepKey, Status

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Arena Genesis NFT Roadmap

Arena Platform Launch
Progress: Done (launched February 2021)
Launched Web3 Game-And-Earn Platform. Over 70,000 gamers from around the world utilize Arena to earn tokens playing the games that they love.

Hacker Games (Phase I)
Progress: In Progress
No whitelists, no insiders. This is a fair launch project. Everyone will have equal opportunity to earn and buy Hackers. All potential buyers will need to complete challenges, puzzles and games via the Hacker Terminal (click “MINT” button below). New challenges will be dropped daily.The more challenges you complete, the more mint passes you’ll be rewarded. The first gamer to solve each challenge will also earn a free NFT. In addition, each puzzle you solve will earn you $ARENA Tokens that you can claim on the platform here.

Genesis Mint (Phase II)
Progress: June 16th 2022
Quantity: 10,101
Price: TBD
The mint will launch as a single phase open to anyone with mint passes. We’ve optimized the minting process to be as fast and as cheap as possible and we want everyone to have a fair chance at minting at the same time.

The Reveal
Progress: WIP (10 days after Phase II closes)
Created and perfected by world-class artists Kelton Cram and Daniel Edery, Hackers are your key to owning a piece of Web3 gaming. Hackers have instant utility. Holders will be able to create their own gaming guild, earn special rewards and participate in exclusive events.

DAO and Staking Launch
Progress: Researching
Use vote escrow tokens to have a voice in the future. Vote on things like reward allocations, prizes, integrations, and more. $ARENA is participating in the future of web3 gaming.

Future Drops
Progress: Researching
xxxxxxx xxx stackable items that xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx hackers.
xxxxxxxxx clone your xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxx simulation.
xxxxxx xx akin to land in the simulation. xxxxxxxxxstates represent xxxxxxxxx opportunities. Will you have your own kingdom or roam the bits xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxx.

Multiverse & Beyond
Progress: Researching
Arena has the infrastructure and tooling to enable gamers and their communities to leverage Web3 technologies. Hackers can now create their own gaming NFTs, currencies, and DAOs within the Arena platform.

Additional Info

Price: TBD

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