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05/11/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Collection Artion is about AI Art and have chosen minimalist as theme.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Artion by AI Artlab NFT Roadmap

Our first step will be to build a strong coummunity and bring them closer in connection with our art. There will be many sneak peeks and many Whitelist Spots Giveaways posted where you can all take part. Our Discord will be special because we want to communicate with our community and use their suggestions or ideas, because without you there would be no us.

Now close to the drop, it has already been announced that the people who have a Whitelist Spot will have some advantages, so more Whitelist Spots Giveaways will take place so that the people who really want a WL spot can get one.

Have now dropped, now we will focus on what events wcan make take place. Our NFTs will be offered in an auction house in London to grow our community. There will be billboards in New York, London and Paris with our art to introduce our project to the world. Our art will be represented in many AI museum in any case.

As a last step will send all the holders a high quality picture of the NFT they have from us and it will then be announced what will happen next. A space will be purchased in the Metaverse for our M.O.T.F and our Virtual Reality Museum will then be placed there. Will also have many collaborations with big NFT collections to make our community even bigger.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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