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06/16/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Badlads is a generative art collection of 6,000 deflationary NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain that provides exclusive access to the Badlottery. Although these NFTs are each unique and bad in their own way, they won’t all be around forever.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Badlads NFT Roadmap

The Badlottery will serve as a middleman to grant community access to exclusive alpha group giveaways on a regular basis. It will be available in the Badlads discord to everyone who holds a Badlad. These exclusive alpha discord groups provide whitelist raffles for some of the most sought after projects in the NFT space but they are often too expensive for the average nft trader. That is why allocating 30% of proceeds from mint sales towards buying a variety of these passes and redistributing all of the rewards to the community through the Badlottery.

Yes, you heard that right, the Badlads are a deflationary NFT. These cute devilish creatures are on a mission to empower all people across web3 by bridging the gap between cute and hardcore, but The Badlord is trying to stop them at all costs.

The Badlord removes Badlads from the collection. A portion of every sale will be added to a community vault. Anytime at random, The Badlord can access the vault and use the funds to buy the cheapest Badlads listed for sale (sweep the floor).
When a Badlad is swept off the floor by The Badlord, they will be removed from circulation forever (burned). These burned tokens will no longer be a part of the Badlads collection, causing the supply to steadily decrease which inherently increases each holder’s chance at winning the Badlottery…

Feel that forming partnerships & securing WL spots for holders is the best way to deliver value to Badlads holders. This will be our primary focus as a team post launch.

Ah… yes, merch. Although everyone is accustomed to seeing this on every project’s roadmap want to do things a little differently. Will not have a full-fledged clothing line or limited access drops, rather, want to do one piece of apparel well. As get closer to cementing a mint date, want to hear from the community what merch item they would like to see.
The question remains, can you outrun the Badlord?

Additional Info

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