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04/27/22 10:00 am UTC

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Project Description

Designed in partnership with DC, Palm NFT Studio, and Daz3D, the Bat Cowl Collection spans 200,000 collectibles, representing 100 different traits and +2BN combinations. Each NFT in the Bat Cowl Collection features a distinct identity and set of traits reflecting the diversity of Batman stories and their passionate fans. The Bat Cowl Collection represents a first of its kind experience: a large scale generative 3D art collection kicking off an unprecedented journey for DC fans, with new updates every ~2 months over the next two years. Snap Filter, along with Google Meet, Microsoft teams and Zoom filters. Wear your Batcowls during your next meeting, or send your next snap to a friend and show them you’re Batman! The Snap lens will allow you to flip through 15 different Batcowls variations. All 200k bat cowl collectors will be able to request their bat cowl collectable lens from the NFT dc universe platform and will be able to wear their individual Bat cowls using these filters!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bat Cowls NFT Roadmap

A two year journey of features and fun, with something new every 52 days for all Bat Cowl holders.

2022 & BEYOND PURCHASE YOUR COWL Accept Batman’s invitation and purchase your Bat Cowl starting April 27, 2022. Like a bat, this drop is blind. Your NFT will be revealed in May.

MAY 2022 UPCOMING REVEAL DAY Unbox your Bat Cowl and discover the attributes, rarity, and storyline of your unique collectible.

MAY 2022 UPCOMING SECONDARY MARKETPLACE Buy and sell any DC NFTs minted on the Palm network. Collections supported at launch include Bat Cowls, The Batman Collection and DC Fandome 2021.

2022-2023 UPCOMING BAT COWLS BECOME CANON The Bat Cowl Collection will be integrated into future stories from DC Comics.

2022-2023 UPCOMING BAT COWL-HOLDER ONLY CHANNELS Exclusive access to a private fan forum for all Bat Cowl holders, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes content and more.

2022-2023 EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS AND COLLECTIBLES Exclusive access to new products and collectible drops.

2022-2023 EXCLUSIVE BAT COWL APPAREL Exclusive access to an apparel collection designed for all Bat Cowl holders.

2022-2023 VIP FAN STATUS Exclusive access and benefits at select future DC fan events.

2022-2023 BAT COWL EXCLUSIVE NFT COLLECTIONS Exclusive access to special NFT collections and drops only made available to Bat Cowl holders.

2022-2023 ADVANCE ACCESS Priority access to future DC NFT drops on the Palm network.

2022-2023 ENHANCED WALLET CAPABILITIES The ability to transfer your Bat Cowl (and other DC NFTs minted on the Palm network) to non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask.

2022-2023 MAJOR SOCIAL PLATFORM / AR INTEROPERABILITY Bat Cowls are AR ready and interoperable with one of the world’s leading social platforms.

022-2023 FUTURE ENGAGEMENT MECHANICS Bat Cowl holders will discover new and exciting ways to interact with Bat Cowls and other DC NFTs on the Palm network in the months ahead.

2022-2023 NEW FUNCTIONALITY FOR DC FANDOME 2021 NFT HOLDERS Holders of DC FanDome 2021 NFTs will find that their discs also have new functionality as the marketplace expands and evolves.

2022-2023 SECRETS AND SURPRISES ALONG THE WAY New features will drop every 52 days as well as some unannounced surprises… but can’t reveal it all now. Not Everything. Not yet.

2023 METAVERSE READY The Bat Cowl Collection is designed to be metaverse-ready for future experiences to come.

Additional Info

While account holders may purchase as many Bat Cowl NFTs as they desire, there is a limit to how much a single account may puchase during a given time period.

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