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07/03/22 12:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

BBGames is a series of 5 NFT collections, gathering up participants and makes them compete with and against each other to secure survival and get paid. Claim your #Player as an NFT token and join the competition among other participants to win a piece of the collected prize-pool.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

BBGames NFT NFT Roadmap

The very beginning:
– Research the possibilities of Benny’s idea.
– Research the ressources that is requirred for it to succeed.
– Create a budget for it to launch.
– Research the minimum required funds for it to succeed

Progress 1
– Contact and team up with disciplined creators in each field and make an agreement.
– Meeting with all team members and research on how to optimize the gaming experience and how early adaptors will benefit from it.
– Research the possibilities of blockchain technology, NFT smartcontracts and artificial intelligence software programs.
– Finish and polish the idea.
– Create a marketing plan and polish the project-budget.
– Create a roadmap and write a whitepaper

Progress 3
– Create the logo, NFT art and generate the collection
– Write the basics of the smart contract
– Begin traditional drawing and animating an intro to the cartoon series.
– Begin developing the minting site.

Progress 4
– Begin modelling and developing the graphics, ui/ux design, wireframes and audio for the 6 games.
– Create social media accounts
– Create a discord server and start building a community
– Start spreading the word

Progress 5
– Begin developing the ui/ux design and wireframes of the mobile application
– Launch the minting site along with publishing the whitepaper.
– Start fulfilling the whitelist spots.
– Benny will play a game in the discord server while waiting on mint.
– Begin developing the ui/ux design and wireframes of the website and hereby code the functionality with the backend dApp interaction.

Progress 6
– App Updates and prototype. Polish and start the frontend and backend development with smartcontract interaction.
– Game updates and design inspection. – Polish and start coding the basic. functionalities in the game + LINE integration.
– Publish cartoon intro.

Progress 7
– Public Mint open
– App testrunning with Bug-bounty and grants program.
– App developed and published on app store and play store for holders
– Game development updates and testrunning. Start coding the complicated functionalities and details of the game along with server hosting, multiplayer network, blockchain and wallet/smartcontract integration.

Progress 8
– Launch the official website.
– Private announcement in app between holders of the basic rules of BBG SERIES 1; PHASE 1 game.
– Game updates and beta-testers.
– Develop and code the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and systematic techniques + integrate it to the gaming phases.

Progress 9
– Game updates and multiple testrunning along with bug-bounty and grants program.
– Public mint close.

Progress 10
– Finish and polish the games.
– Open gaming serie queue for all holders in app.

Progress 11
– Gaming series start.
– Highly detailed description and important information/rules of the games gets announced in app for participants.
– All remaining funds left in the prize-pool will be shared before game start between all participants (Phase 6).
– Will prepare for start

Progress 12
– Last phase (phase 6) will be played.
– All rewards shared between participants will be published with the purpose to validate the BBGames brand.
– Feedback and suggestions by participants will be considered and discussed.
– Our team will rewatch and study the games/players decisions and update the implemented personality growth on all PHASE 6 participants.
– Script, storyboard and animation of cartoon series begins.

Progress 13
– BBGames series 2 will slowly be developed and announced.
– Cartoon serie 1 will be published for everyone to watch.
– Furthere marketing of the brand.
– Another gaming tournament for all BBGS1 holders will be played in order to win a whitelist spot to the 2nd upcoming BBG collection.
– An updated roadmap for the upcoming serie will be published.
To be continued…

More info:

Additional Info

It will be announced on our Twitter profile and Discord channel a few days before opening. Aiming for July.

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