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04/30/22 UTC

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Project Description

Long, long ago, before Hoomans roamed the world, a chained Big Bang event shook the sector T-Bowl No.2, giving rise to the planet Poopiter, and life came into existence.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Big Biz World NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 (Dec 2021 to Apr 2022)
Community building
– Focus on building a strong PoopFam family/community
– Launch discord/website/twitter
– Giveaways / Community games

Phase 2 (1 May 2022)
Launch of “The Poops” Collection
– Genesis collection – first and rarest collection in the Big Biz World Universe
– Collection kept small to ensure a tight-knit and strong Poopfam community

Phase 3 (July 2022)
Rewarding our Poopfams
– Mint proceeds and royalties are added to our Poop-sury
– Distribution of $UST from our EVER-GROWING Poop-sury every 2 months to our NFT holders
– Distribution of $UST to Angel Protocol to enrich the community and charities
– NFT holders will influence the future of the investment strategies and frequency of distributions to maximise the rewards
– Implementing a proper system (e.g., DAO) for proposals and voting

Phase 4 (Q3 2022)
Putting a Poop in every home
– Merchandise store will be opened, with our cute designs on merchandise/peripherals/ clothing being made available for everyone to purchase (with fiat/crpyto)
– Profits earned will be shared with NFT holders

Phase 5 (Q4 2022)
Expanding the Big Biz World Universe
– Collaborations with other projects including incubating new projects and getting rewarded with a cut of their revenues
– Future collections (including cross-chain) will be planned, with input from our NFT holders
– Current holders will be rewarded with proceeds from our future collections as part of #PoopFam and from royalties from ALL COLLECTIONS

Phase 6 (Q1 2023 and beyond)
Collaborations and doing more #shittybiz
– Bring our Poopfams into the Metaverse via Gamefi or other metaverse projects
– Launching $Poopfam token
– Continue to explore further opportunities to enrich and reward our community/NFT Holders!

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Presale April 30th

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