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06/15/22 UTC

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Project Description

5,555 American Bullys | Stake | Yield | Breed2Earn | Play2Earn | Donating To Animal Rescues

BlockChain Bullys NFT is a collection of 5,555 unique digital collectibles. Each Blockchain Bullys NFT serves as a membership to a community-driven ecosystem filled with various alluring NFTs which carry exclusive digital and real-world benefits.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

BlockChain Bullys NFT Roadmap

Phase One
1. Mint
American Bullies have been around for over a decade,
however, they’ve finally made their way onto the blockchain in a pack of 5,555.
OG Bulls Mint: 2 SOL
Presale Mint: 2.5 SOL
Public Mint: 2.75 SOL
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2. Once BlockChain Bullys NFT have been minted, the Bullyverse ecosystem is created.
– 10% of mint sales donated to an animal rescue
– 60% of mint sales are allocated to our BULLYVERSE (community ecosystem)
– Staking for DOGYEARS is introduced
– Team members are added
– Reward holders with IRL Events, NFT’s + More

Phase Two
1. BlockChain Bullys NFT Bloodline
The BlockChain Bullys NFT want to continue their bloodline,
5,555 BlockChain Bullys NFT Dams are added to the Bullyverse ecosystem.

– Dams are minted through an exclusive WL, followed by a public sale.
– Community votes on the next donation to animal rescue
– Liquidity Unlocked, $Ribbons token goes live
– DOGYEARS utilities/Swap is added.
– Dams are now able to stake for $RIBBONS
– The WHELPING BOX is unlocked (BREEDING)

Phase Three
1. Pups join the litter
With the opening of the WHELPING BOX, these Bullys have been busy!
Puppies will compete & climb the ranks to earn $Ribbons for their BULLYVERS.

2. P2E “BullyRun” is unlocked
– With the help of the algorithm, puppies are born with a variety of skill traits inherited from their parents (TraitChart).
These skills are used and mastered in-game to compete in VARIOUS game modes.
– BULLYVERSE Dog Track is open
– BULLYVERSE in-game pet store grand opening
– BULLYVERSE Training facility opens
– BULLYVERSE Pup boarding school

Additional Info

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