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– BADC Project launched on March 2022 –

First of all, to point out that our mother tongue is not English, Spanish, for which apologize in advance.

Bored Ape Decentraland Club (BADC) is a collection of unique digital NFTs collectibles on the Polygon blockchain (Gas-Free) on OpenSea. It’s a handmade collection from scratch and consider each piece as small artworks that make with a lot of dedication, effort and love. BADC is a project that take very seriously, for which have formed a great team and working hard to carry it out successfully.

Besides the artistic part, our ultimate goal is to create an ape club within the Decentraland metaverse. For this have planned different stages, among which are the development of personalized wearables for members, the purchase of a parcel of land and the construction of a club where we can meet and organize events.

Also want the club to be managed and organized in a decentralized, autonomous and collaborative way by each and every one of the members through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Your Ape doubles as your BADC (Bored Ape Decentraland Club) membership card.

Both the artistic part and the creation of the club in Decentraland represent a great challenge for us but at the same time an enormous motivation and illusion to carry it out. Have many ideas and desire to do great things, do you join the BADC family?

OWNERSHIP: Each BADC Bored Ape Decentraland Club is an NFT on the Polygon blockchain. When you buy an NFT, you own the underlying BADC, the Art, entirely. Ownership of NFT is entirely mediated by Smart Contract and Polygon Network: at no time can we seize, freeze or modify ownership of any Bored Ape Decentraland Club (BADC). You will have all rights to our work when you purchase a BADC.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities


As have said before, our project is not an automated process that launches hundreds or thousands of NFTs in a day. Our intention is to treat each piece as something unique, going to play with it and work on it until we end up falling in love and it has something special. Want to make each small work of art one by one, with effort, dedication and a lot of love. In short, want to have fun playing and exploring its possibilities.

Our small works of art will be released weekly prior notice to the community. Hope to be able to launch between 30 and 50 units per week. Plan to complete the collection in approximately 4 months.

The second great objective is to create a club for our crazy bored apes in Decentralad, making wareables and buying a parcel of land to build a space for all the members, with an art gallery and a meeting center for events, concerts and others.


✓ 1 – Get funding by putting money ourselves and inviting interested friends and family to join the project.

✓ 2 – Bring the idea to reality, create our collection on the platform that we like the most and decide the blockchain it will be on, set prices, name, etc…

| boredapedecentralandclub 0xa5516f1a0c8e16d7f23ba1ce122066c2d1ebc148
| Bored Ape Decentraland Club (joined February 2022)
| OpenSea Platform
| Blockchain Polygon (Gas-Free)

✓ 3 – Want to start designing the art project, playing with the apes, testing them, drawing them from scratch in our own way, layering them, playing with colors and shapes, and creating the first 20 little pieces of our collection.

✓ 4 – Launch and introduce the project, and for this have decided to buy a domain and create a website from scratch explaining the whole project for new members.

✓ 5 – Create community on Instagram / Twitter and Discord.

✓ 6 – Work daily to launch weekly new small works of art.

✓ 7 – To return the money to family and friends and go one day to have a few beers to celebrate.

Want to highlight the final stretch of the project, the objectives that generate more enthusiasm for us but that at the same time entail greater complexity. These final objectives would be:

8 – Release between 20 and 40 pieces per week until reach 999 and complete the collection. Estimated time around 4-5 months.

9 – Wearables Design, t-shirts with the logo or one of our pieces so that can recognize ourselves in Decentraland.

10 – Buy a parcel of land in Decentraland where can build our own private BADC club for members only.

11 – Build the club, a cozy place designed as a meeting point for BADC members, with galleries, events such as concerts, etc… have a thousand ideas!

12 – Collaborative management model for the club so that can all participate in decision-making through DAO.

Additional Info

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