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06/22/22 UTC

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Project Description

A Collection of 10,000 unique Bored Panda NFT, living on the Polygon (Matic) on a mission to change the lives of communities living below the poverty line through the power of NFT. 25% of the profit from NFT sales through Bored Panda NFT goes directly towards our charity programs. The team at Bored Panda NFT works with local communities and a team of volunteers to run humanitarian projects in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bored Panda NFT NFT Roadmap

1,000 Bored Panda Sold
As a gift to our early adopters, airdrop 200 randomly.

50% SOLD
5,000 Bored Panda Sold
Get Verified on OpenSea
10% of all primary sales made thus far will be Donated to HPGHK Humanitarian Pilipino Group (HPG) a charitable organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people across the Philippines and Hong Kong. Open Merch Store, plus holder-exclusive giveaways, discounts to our gift shop, and more!

80% SOLD
Bored Panda Sold
5% of all primary sales made thus far will be To be the union of protection claimants in Hong Kong with the aim of safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing, and future prospect of all refugees.
Panda Holders will have exclusive access to a VIP Channel, and together will be collaborating with various projects & talented artists.

100% SOLD
Bored Panda Sold
“Future Development”
Want our community to help us decide how to grow our Panda in the future. Release Roadmap 2.0


Additional Info

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