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06/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

Bored Rhino Meta Club is a collection of 8888 unique Bored Rhino Meta NFTs. Bored Rhino found a way to travel through time, visit different eras, met representatives of other space civilizations and knew the deep secrets of the past and exciting secrets of the future. However, BRMC is not just a collection of NFT. BRMC is club, community of like-minded people which support Ukraine, joining the global mission to reduce carbon emissions and trying to help get rid of climate crisis. All BRMC NFT’s holders really save the lives of Rhinos.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bored Rhino Meta Club NFT Roadmap

10% – Help to Ukraine and to the Carbon Reduction Mission Fund.
20% – Assistance to leading organizations in saving rhinos. Airdropped NFT’s to random Rhinoholders.
30% – Release our first merch collection of Bored Rhino MC that will be available only for the holder with special gifts.
40% – BRMC gets its own YouTube channel, BRMC streams with private members club chat. Charity to greening the planet Fund.
60% – BIG Rhinoholders promotion. Charity to Ukraine and to the Ocean Pollution Relief Fund.
80% – The Bored Rhino Meta Club liquidity pool is initiated. Airdop to Rhinoholders.
90% – Private events in the Metaverse. Starting the game “Traveling in Time (by BRMC)”.
100% – Attracting the attention of the world community, celebrities through massive marketing, meetings and events to increase the value of investments.


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