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Sale Time:

06/28/22 5:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Female-Founded | Supporting and Empowering All Women Entrepreneurship Through Web3 Technology | Fully Doxxed 15% Of Proceeds To Women Charities

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bossy Baddies NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
Pre-sale Opportunities

Let the pre-sale, empowerment, and support begin! All Whitelist Baddies will have the opportunity to win VIP invites to new upcoming NFT projects!

Phase 2
The Cause

Aim to provide unparalleled support to women entrepreneurs by allowing them to pursue their passions and positively impact the world. Alongside the Baddies community, taking action to pursue this cause. To onboard the approaching generation of female creators and builders, at full mint, 15% of proceeds will be donated to several charities devoted to realizing the Baddies cause.

Phase 3
Community Wallet

An estimated 25 ETH will be held within the Baddies Community Wallet. These funds will be used towards expanding our team and fulfilling our roadmap promises. To further spread the reach of our cause, the Baddies community will be able to vote on which organizations we will donate a portion of these funds to.

Phase 4

Unique, beautiful merchandise empowering our Baddies will be available to all holders! To ensure the best quality, will be coordinating with the best manufacturing companies the space has to offer.

Bossy Baddies Future

All Bossy Baddies holders will be on our VIP whitelist for our future collections.

Additional Info

Total Supply: 2,222
Presale: Tues 6/28 1PM 0.10 ETH
Public: Wed 6/29 1PM 0.12 ETH

To gain presale access, you must be whitelisted. To find out more, join our community on Discord!

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