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06/18/22 UTC

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Project Description

Brut(e)NFT Collection is a collection of 2,222 NFTs, each representing a Brut(e) spray bottle as a piece of 2D POP ART! One of our tokens is special and if you’re lucky enough to mint it, you’ll get our Grand Prize Audi A8

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Brut(e)NFT Collection NFT Roadmap

The beginning Brut(e) NFT is not your regular NFT by all means. Using various visual approaches such as pop art, strive to educate people in the sphere of the NFT world in using eco-friendly materials that are proven to be harmless to the planet Earth. Brut(e) NFT collection will be a total of 6666 collectible pieces, with numerous perks.

The construction A significant part of our strategy, in the beginning, will be mostly educating the audience and our future holders using various organic approaches. Having onboard numerous influencers will be one of the crucial points we rely on. However, the exposure will come through financial articles, billboards, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and business meetings that we will stream through Twitch/Zoom.

When the party started We will be primarily working on the marketing aspect throughout April and May. Will fully exploit those two months to get the maximum. Educational events will occur, and billboards will be placed, teaser videos, cross-platform campaigns, partnerships, getting ambassadors, Etc. Everything will be in the name of Brut(e) NFT and dopamine.

THE DAY You already know that the 6th of June will be the day we all will be impatiently waiting. There are many reasons for picking that day, but your subconscious already felt it and knows it. Will celebrate this particular day with an appropriate birthday party for Dzami. Will celebrate our founder’s birthday by putting the fundamentals of a new era.

The aftermath Аlright, enough partying, time to get to work! Two things that will differentiate us from the rest are – perseverance and consistency. Have work to do and to give life to our upcoming token! Throughout June and July, aside from continuing our cross-platform marketing campaigns, will be focused on creating the code for our token and providing all the necessary things for a successful launch.

When things get more “charted” Have decided that stick to dates that will mean something afterward, and people will look forward and remember long after. The time has come to hit those numbers and candles finally! Decided to ensure a sustainable ecosystem by implementing our token as an inner payment method. It will serve as a load-bearing wall. Will also accept the token itself in the Brut(e) House!

The journey continues In September, with Autumn knocking on our doors after the Brut(e)al summer, our even longer-term plans will unfold, but before that, will be announcing the creation of the Brut(e) House, which will have many faces aside from being our headquarter! I assume should say that not only from everything else, being an OG holder of our NFTs will give you some additional benefits in our Brut(e) House! be continued


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