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05/14/22 UTC

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Project Description

With only 4,000 original mints, Bull Makers NFTs have low-supply, massive utility, that rewards it’s holders with passive income, weekly airdrops and royalties on future projects.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bull Makers NFT Roadmap

Minting Roadmap

– 25% – Will pick 10 random minter wallets that are still holding and give away 2 AVAX to each wallet.
– 50% – Community votes on which coins will be traded on our Market Maker.
– 75% – 10 more random 2 AVAX giveaways to minters. Market Maker will begin to trade.
– 100% – Community vote on which NFTs to airdrop within 1 week, weekly votes/drops after.

– First three Tier 3 (Epic) minters will receive 5 AVAX each!
– First three Tier 4 (Legendary) minters will receive 10 AVAX each!
– Whoever mints the 1:1 Diamond Hands Bull, you get 100 AVAX!

Lifetime Roadmap

* The following roadmap will be completed within the times posted or before, depending on our outreach of developers at the time.

2022 Q1:
– Create Whitepaper
– Develop Strategic Marketing Plan
– Confirm Market Maker Strategies With Real Time Trades
– Hire Digital Artists For NFT And Website Art
– Hire Devs For Website, Smart Contract, Minting Engine
– Create Community Pages And Discord

2022 Q2:
– Social Marketing Campaign For 2-6 Weeks
– Whitelist Entry For 50x Qualifiers
– Pre-Sale Mint For Whitelists For 24 Hours
– Mint Goes Live For Public
– Verify Collections On Marketplaces
– Mint Sales Out
– Community Giveaways & Airdrops Begin
– First Round Of Community Voting For Investments
– First-Time Payout For Holders
– Acquire First Partnership(s)
– Develop And Implement Internal Marketplace; Holders Earn Royalties

2022 Q3:
– Begin The Creation Of The Community Token Which Will Be Used For Staking NFTs On Our Internal Platform
– Acquire Partnership(s) To Provide Liquidity To DeFi Swap Exchanges For Our Token Until Our Internal System Is Online
– Strategic Re-Evaluation With The Community
– First Round Of Voting Will Be Conducted To Extend Time-Frames Of Initial Investment Cycles
– Charitable Donations Of The Community’s Choice
– Seek Out Further Partnerships Within The DeFi Community
– Capability For Bull Makers NFT Holders To Choose Their Own Staking Options And Lock-Up Times Within Our Internal System
– ** Begin Our 2nd NFT Project (See Below)

2022 Q4:
– End Of Year Recap With The Community, With A New Years’ Day Bull Makers Giveaway Of $25,000 Or More In Cash/Cash Equivalents

2023 Q1-Q2:
– Creation Of Our Own Token(s) That Can Be Traded And Used To Create Our Own Liquidity/Investment Pools/Farms, For Those Within And Outside The Bull Makers Community
– Coordinate With Partners; Assisting In Creating Both Liquidity, Utility And Expanding Investor Base

**2nd NFT Project**
*P2E Game*

2022 Q3:
– Bull Maker Holders Vote On 2nd Project & Will Split 25% Of The Mint, With Other Perks

2022 Q4:
– Creation Of 2nd Project, P2E Game, Token For Rewards, Minting Engine, Art Collection

Much more to come!

Additional Info

Pre-Mint For Whitelisted Members • May 14th 2022 14:00 EST
Public Minting Is 24 Hrs Later – May 15th 2022 14:00 EST

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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