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06/19/22 UTC

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Project Description

Bullets Club is the FIRST poker hands (Texas Hold’em) NFT collection. Our collection consists of 1326 unique, ultra high-utility poker starting hands on the Ethereum blockchain. For the first time, buyers can own the rights to their favorite poker hand. Holders will be granted access to a decentralized poker ecosystem with major upcoming partnerships and different games planned.

Holders will be able to play a variety of stakes with NO rake and can win MASSIVE jackpots if they win with their owned NFT hand. Along with this, free rolls (free entry tournaments) and a percentage of the secondary sale royalties are made available to the holders. Thirty percent of all our mint revenue will be locked in a community chest for the benefit of our holders and to fund the creation of our poker ecosystem. Holders will receive monthly cryptocurrency airdrops as a form of holder rewards. Poker professionals will also lead private holders-only seminars for holders who are trying to learn or improve their game.

Our focus right now is on building community and beginning to establish the utility. Host daily free entry poker tournaments every night in our discord with whitelist and Ethereum prizes and give away over 500 dollars a week! Our goal is to bring poker to Web3 and to establish a trustworthy brand to digitalize poker and foster greater connection among the community.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bullets Club NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022
– Tournaments for Whitelist Spots
– Tournaments for free mints
– Giveaways and raffles
– Free rolls

Q2 2022
Minting Day (TBA)
1326 unique Texas Hold’em hands will available to mint from our site. Rarity chart will published shortly after mint.

Q3 2022
Post Sell out
Utilities for the holders will be introduced and continued games will be hosted in our server. Development for our decentralized poker platform will begin. Exclusive high-stakes games will be made available for the holders. The winner of the grand giveaway will be announced

Q4 2022
Business is Booming
The beta version of our decentralized poker platform will be released to holders. A merchandise collection will be available, along with the development of our Omaha Hands collection. All original holders will be white-listed for future releases.

Additional Info

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay up to date with upcoming developments. As advance to further stages, will continue to update the website and keep everyone in our community posted on all platforms.

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