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04/29/22 UTC

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Project Description

Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is a generative 3D NFT project that aims to transform the industry by setting a new standard for what NFT collectors should expect and demand.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Bulls and Apes Project NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022

100% Pre-Funded – B.A.P. gets 100% fully pre-funded through mint #2
Doxxed Founders – Founders Dox themselves. Successful businessmen (last company is now part of a corporation that’s going public)
Money Back Guarantee – Introducing the first ever 6-month Money Back Guarantee in the NFT space
Physical Card Game Prototyping – Prototyping has begun for the physical card game that will tie our first mints together

Q2 2022

Mint 1: Introducing the Bulls
10k unique Bulls charging in with traits & rarities
Each with their own style – something for everybody
Earn 10 METH tokens per day per bull
Time to get bullish!
Introducing 10 Early Release God Bulls
Incredibly Rare Collection
Earn 20 METH tokens per day per God Bull
B.A.P. Methane (METH) Token
erc-20 token live and ready Day 1
Own-Bulls-to-Earn, Engage-to-Earn
Start minting new NFTs and much more using METH tokens
Stylin’ Teen Bulls Introduced – Rebellious and Stylish
Unique traits and rarity (Some ultra-rare)
Teen Bulls allow summoning of God Bulls
The Power of 500 Super-Rare God Bulls
The most rare and powerful Bulls in the collection
Earn 20 METH per day per God Bull
Future ‘special’ utility will be revealed in the near future

Q3 2022

Mint 2: Welcome the Apes
10k unique Apes with reckless abandon
Synergistic effects with Bulls to increase token production
Ready to ape in?
Official Mega Launch Party
Let’s celebrate TWO successful launches
Exclusive IRL Las Vegas party for our community
Mint your ticket by owning BAP characters and using METH tokens
Mint 3: The Story Continues
10k NFTs to continue bringing the story to life

Q4 2022

Physical Card Game Launch
Art is based on all previous mints
BAP/Token holders will get first dibs on the the first edition prints.


Future Mints – Are you a whale? Ready to own it all?
Metaverse – Plan to be in the metaverse once confident of where want to be and what makes the most sense for our community.
Gaming – Already discussing potential partnerships. Want to make sure if we place a date on this, can hit it.
Fashion/Toys/Licensing – It’s definitely in our vision, but way too early to put on the current road map.

Additional Info

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