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Sale Time:

04/26/22 UTC

Project type:


Project Description

Cosmo chamber is an entrance, a connector, to the chamber of each artist’s inner universe.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Cosmo Chamber NFT Roadmap

-6001 Cosmo Chamber
NFTs will be used for curve pricing sales

-500 NFTs are reserved for art galleries, curators and cultural institutions

-A unique NFT reserved for cryptopunk owners

-Investors will receive a total of 57 NFTs

Short-term objective:
1. Public sale will end once reach 2,000 items sold in Phase 4. The rest will be given to institutions for distribution

2. The design and production of physical merchandises.

3. Will invite members of the community to design and creat characters adn items for the “Spirit” category.

Midterm objective:
1. Will build a museum for the project in sandbox and curate a group show for web 3 content creators

2. The creation of physical screens based on the screens in CosmoChamber

3. The development of more advanced play/puzzle mechanism involving the combination of Spirits and Chambers

Long-term objective:
1. Public sale of special editions in traditional auction houses

2. Participation in international exhibitions

3. The development of CosmoTower, a more complex version of the current project, which will allow both the NFT owners and visitos to view and play

4. The design and development of “Eastern Spaces” which will be airdropped to existing chamber owners

Additional Info

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