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11/29/21 UTC

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Project Description

CrimeFamília is new-generation DeFi and P2E NFT-system. The collection main goal is to remember how crime has affected the world and changed many lives. Our NFTs is reminder about keeping your data securely, estimating your risks while investing, how drugs can lead to irreparable consequences. Build new branch in Solana Blockchain NFT.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

CrimeFamília NFT Roadmap

September, 2021

CrimeFamilia Community creation. The main goal is to remember how crime has affected the world and change many lives.

November, 2021

CrimeFamilia NFT mint(including presales).- Collection contains 7777 unique NFT. Our NFTs are not only a reminder about keeping your life and money in safety, but also give opportunities to holders to take part in voting, beta-testing, airdrops.

November(pt.2), 2021

Every CrimeFamilia NFT holder will receive second NFT – are backwashes of offenses, depending on what type of NFT Attribute “Crime” holder has. Those NFT will increase ClanScore in the game in the future.

December, 2021

Tools mint and rewarding program. All tools will be based on unique attributes and strength, compatibility will be built on what type of NFT Attribute “Crime” holder has. Transferring and Duplicating(depends on different blockchains features) CrimeFamilia NFT to become a multi-chain collection. NFT Staking Introduction(BETA).

Q1, 2022

CrimeFamilia P2E game Alpha-testing and release. Introduce other artists’ collections to level up your clan and get rewards.

Additional Info

CrimeFamilia is P2E game, which is based on collaborating with others collections. It combines 2 genres: Real-time strategy with MMORPG elements.

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