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07/05/22 UTC

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Project Description

CryptoSyngularity Basics is a NFT collection of cryptosyngularities. Each of them is unique, with astonishing abstract beauty and glimmering symmetries. Looking into them, see the infinity and its perfection. No two of them are the same, making each of them absolutely peculiar and unique.

About our origin

The story is quite simple, it all happened by pure chance!

During the first lockdown in 2020, started studying cryptography, its math and its algorithms. The original purpose was simply learning but, exploring some building blocks and their properties accidentally discovered what called CryptoSyngularities. These are unique mathematical objects with beautiful symmetries and nice equilibrium properties which can be represented by NFT of an astonishing beauty. Each one is different and therefore unique. A lot of computation time is required to identify a new CryptoSyngularity, that’s why only a limited number is available today.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

CryptoSyngularity NFT Roadmap

Feb 2020 The Origin
First detection
Digging deep in the building blocks of cryptography a first peculiar object is detected with beautiful symmetries and a fascinating equilibrium.

Apr 2022
The Algorithm
The discovery algorithm is implemented
The development of a discovery algorithm is started. The first versions were quite inefficient, quite soon understood that we needed an efficient implementation if wanted to have the opportunity to discover new cryptosyngularities.

May 2020 CryptoSyngularity – The Origin #1
The first CryptoSyngularity is born!
A graphic representation of the first cryptosyngularity revealed an unexpected amount of beauty, colorful symmetries and dynamic equilibrium. It was absolutely astonishing!

Jun 2020 The Origin #2 and #3
New cryptosyngularities revealed
Our algorithm revealed two new cryptosyngularities with quite different symmetries and completely different dynamics. This was a great surprise to us !

Jul 2020 CryptoSyngularity – The Basics
Systematic discovery
Implemented a new discovery algorithm and started a systematic discovery of new cryptosyngularities. Called the new collection “The Basics” to remember us that these are the building blocks of the Crypto World. The overall computation time required to discover the first 1000 cryptosyngularities of this family was estimated to be of 2 years .

Jan 2022 Web, NFT, OpenSea
CryptoSyngularity NFT Project
Started the development of the web landing page, the support technology for NFT minting and the required web infrastructure.

4 Jul 2022 Going live on OpenSea!
Planned: First batch of NFT
Expect to go live on OpenSea with a starting batch of 100 CryptoSyngularities NFT! Stay tuned !!!!!

Aug 2022 New beautiful NFT!
Planned: 100 New NFT each month !
Expect to mint 100 new NFT per month up reaching the total of 1000 CryptoSyngularities.

Additional Info

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