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06/17/22 UTC

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Project Description

By recreating classic movie moments in the metaverse, the heyday of Hong Kong cinema returns, setting forth a commonality between people and uniting them in the access of collective memories. CRYPTYQUES will be launched in 3 phases; past, present, and future, in the cycle of life. The first series of the “past” phase will be focus on the “7 Emotions”, including Desire, Fury, Fear, Joy, Bitterness, Loathe and Love.

As the debut collection for CRYPTYQUES’ past phrase, “DESIRE” is a collection of 1,321 NFTs of reinvented classic Hong Kong movie scenes from the 1980s NEW WAVE. Each NFT reflects the strong emotional yearning of desire which have been recreated as 3D-animated video clips by Wing Shya and an internationally-acclaimed Hollywood production team.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities



All about films, filmmaking & ArtTech

A tight-knit community for members to interact and express their love for films:
>Moderated forum and topics for discussions on Discord
>Regular (online) movie screenings
>Filmmaker webinars Series: Ask questions to get behind-the-scenes of major productions
Select NFT holders will enjoy immersive experiences such as but not limited to:
>Film set visits to experience filmmaking live in action
>Access to movie premieres
>Access to international film festivals


Co-creation & royalties sharing
A unique part of the CRYPTYQUES experience is that you get to become a producer and make decisions to the evolving story of CRYPTYQUES
Members may:
>Vote to determine the subject/genre/theme of future CRYPTYQUES NFT launches
>Submit artwork/NFT IP for future NFT production & launches, and receive royalties for the work used


Production of a CRYPTYQUES short movie
After the launch of the CRYPTYQUES NFT series, a short movie will be produced with the community to capture the story
Members may:
>Contribute your storyline ideas with final screenplay voted by CRYPTYQUES community
>Receive royalties on movie as contributors

The CRYPTYQUES Metaverse

Virtual space to unlock new experiences
Built by the blueprints of the renowned photography & cinema figure: Wing Shya
The CRYPTYQUES Metaverse is a virtual space for members to:
>Showcase and view the CRYPTYQUES NFT collections
>Trade and unlock rare NFTs
>Attend festivals to enjoy music and movies with other community members
>Build friendship and network with other CRYPTYQUES NFT holders

IRL Events & Exhibitions

Showcase of our NFTs in physical world
Partnering with different art galleries and physical spaces for our NFT showcase as early adopters of the CRYPTYQUES community, members will have the privileges to:
>Receive exclusive invitation to our physical events, including launch parties, OG gatherings, movie premieres etc.
>Participate in our NFT art showcases
>Be the first to pre-order CRYPTYQUES merch drops

Community Culture & Network

Community Culture:
Hyper Engagement & Co-creation
Network with directors, creatives, artists and other like-minded people through CRYPTYQUES’ closely-knitted community
Members may:
>Engage in our hyper-participatory culture and creatives-exclusive network and make impactful community decisions
>Join competitions which involve established or aspiring creatives, both as judges/participants
>Access AMAs, fireside chats and forums with reputable international directors and artists

Additional Info

Pre-sale Date:
17 Jun 2022-12:00 am (UTC)
Pre-sale Price:
Ξ(ETH): 0.05

Public Mint Date:
18 Jun 2022-09:00 am (UTC)
Public Mint Price:
Ξ(ETH): 0.08

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