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05/06/22 3:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Curious Bunnies Club, which we will create with 3333 NFT in the first place, is a metaverse-based P2E game. With the avatar you have in this game, you can walk around with your friends, shop at the mall or have a drink at the “Rabbits Bar”. Owning of Curious Bunnies Club NFT will grant an exclusive access to our club/community. We created a huge community and produed 3,333 NFTs. We aim to show ourselves in the NFT market and reach as many people as possible.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Curious Bunnies Club NFT Roadmap

1 %
– NFT Request
All whitelisted members who purchase 1 CR NFT during the pre-sale will be able to claim 1 CR NFT free of charge.25 %
– Initial Thrills [$10,000 + 10 NFT]
CRNC begins to provide special opportunities to purchase new equipment and accessories. 10 randomly selected lucky winners will win $1,000 + 1 NFT!- Community Wallet
Creating a community wallet dedicated to further developing the project, hosting in-house events and rewarding owners

50 %
– Rabbit Bar [$10,000 + percentage share]
Lucky owners of 10 rare NFTs will be eligible to enter the “Rabbit Bar”. Inside the bar there will be $10,000 worth of inventory evenly divided. We will be waiting for the owners of these 10 rare NFTs at the “Rabbit Bar” to receive a percentage of their secondary market sales each month!

75 %
– Rabbit City Mall [$20,000 + 20 NFT]
After the Rabbit city is established, there should be places where we can buy clothes, accessories, food. 10 lucky winners randomly selected will receive $2,000 + 2 NFT and the right to whitelist the Rabbit accessories and clothing collections we will release.

100 %
– Treasure Hunt [$99,000]
Treasures worth a total of $99,000 will be placed at randomly selected points in the rabbit world to be established. You will be able to earn hints with the tasks you will do. Each rabbit with more clues will be worth more than the others.

– Charity organization
$10,000 to be donated to a community-selected charity

– Shopping centre
Great items will be sent to randomly selected CRNC holders

– Creating an NFT CR application for mobile
Viewing your Curious Bunnies NFT in augmented reality world. Doing quests, hosting events, rankings and lots of fun things to do with your friends!

Creating a full fledged P2E Game for project members. Play to earn money!

Additional Info

Pre-sale : May 6 – 3pm UTC

Public sale : May 7 – 3pm UTC

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