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06/15/22 UTC

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Project Description

DOD NFT Games is a collection of 1500 stunning 3D characters from Mexico’s festival, “The Day of the Dead”. Each beautifully designed characters share a revenue from a unique double or nothing Solana game with jackpot prizes.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Day of the Dead NFT Games NFT Roadmap

1500 day of the dead characters on the Solana Blockchain
750 whitelist 2 hrs before public mint o the 30th June at 1.0-sol max of 2 per person with remaining public offering of 1.25 sol on Magic
Lucky dip of 12% rare at 2.5x revenue & 3% super rare at 5x revenue

After mint completion the secondary market will be finalised.
25% of 5% royalties and 10% of the mint will be used to market the revenue sharing double or nothing game.
Multi player allows you to invite friends or play against 2-3 people online. Each person gets eliminated and the last person standing wins 2-3 FREE spins

Charge 5% fee on all plays NFT holders will receive 3.5% of revenue with 0.25% going to game liquidity and 0.25% going to marketing
The 1% jackpot prize will be split 50/50 with a NFT holder and the winning player every time
Holders can create their own Lobbies where they can add their own group of players for 100% revenue of the 3.5% which can be traded with group intact.

Will be adding additional games and artwork will commence one week after mint on new 3D Halloween characters with animated spiders and snakes slithering out of eyes sockets and mouths.
The Halloween theme will have its own original tokenised game of Russian roulette to the death
This will tie in with Halloween dates of around November

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