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05/14/22 2:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Build your own Dimenxion, a world where there is no limit, and the boundaries of reality have been completely eradicated.

A P2E experience on Solana in the form of playable 6369 NFT avatars

@Dimenxion_io. @MagicEden launchpad is a proud partner for the mint on May 14th.”

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Dimenxion NFT Roadmap

Q1 Interdimensional Incubation

– Dimenxion.io Art concepts
– Roadmap v1 Announcement
– Gen 0 Avatar Concept Art
– Website V1
– Twitter & Discord Community starts
– Gen 0 Reveal
– Whitelist Avatar NFT Gen 0 start

Q2 Dimenxion spark

– Smart contract & Blockchain integration
– Roadmap V2 Announcement
– Release Whitepaper & Tokenomic
– Pre-sale Gen 0
– Gen 0 Public Mint
– Listing on NFT marketplaces (Opensea,MagicEden,…)
– Integration with Dimenxion Wallet for in-game assets management
– Metaverse internal testing and sneak peak
– Economy design
– IDO token launch & Airdrop

Q3 Singularity

– Metaverse beta launch
– Starts of marketplace
– Integration with Dimenxion-Wallet for in-game assets management
– Metaverse On chain testing
– Economy design integration
– Interdimensional Tokenomy start
– Whitelist for GEN 1 NFT
– GEN 1 NFT Presale
– GEN 1 Public Mint
– Breeding
– Staking & Farming

Q4 Dimenxion expansion

– Whitelist for GEN 2 NFT
– GEN 2 NFT Presale
– GEN 2 Public Mint
– Dimenxion Metaverse Alpha launch
– Increase onboarding
– Expand integrations
– Full metaverse Economy
– More features integration
– Partnership
– Multi-chain Integration
– The Second Dimenxion is coming out of the Singularity

Additional Info

Gen 0 (Quantum Field Unifier) is the Adam of arising as a result of the singularity. Verily, early minters of QFU who patiently hold for 30 days can avail the chance to receive an air-dropped companion NFT. All the wallets considered for the airdrop will automatically get featured for future pre-sales.

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