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06/23/22 11:00 am UTC

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DinoPolis Genesis is a collection of 10.000 unique Mining NFT in which 330 different elements are collected, giving different parameters of the HashRate 返返芬 The collection was created over 6 months and will please its owner with the opportunity to mine various cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH/ETC, ZIL, LTC, DOGE)simply by owning these NFTs 予予 We remind you that our project gives anyone the opportunity to become part of the crypto industry and have their own share of the total global cryptocurrency HashRate 兩劾休休代ow is the best time to enter the field of cryptocurrency mining! The markets are reddening, the equipment is getting cheaper, but it only benefits us all! When the cryptocurrency rates go up, all project participants will earn many times more!休休乒 HOW THE DINOPOLIS PROJECT IS USEFUL? It solves the problem of accessibility and owning the own cryptocurrency HashRate capacity. Anyone can become part of the crypto industry without a large investmen.兩 It solves the problem of buying expensive mining equipment. Wholesale purchases are cheaper, suppliers are verified.兩 It solves the problem of connecting purchased equipment to electricity. There is a surplus of electricity in the Siberian region. Electricity costs are0.05$kWh.兩 It solves the problem of controlling uninterrupted operation of equipment when mining. Only professionals assembling, setting up and maintaining the equipment.兩 It solves the problem of cooling of the mining equipment. The average annual temperature in the Siberian region where the equipment is installed at-1 簞 C / 30 簞 F.兩 It solves the problem of carbon footprint: Electricity to run the equipment is generated from hydroelectric power plants. We are glad to welcome everyone to the community of the DinoPolis project!沒incerely, the project team. Visit our websitewww.DinoPolis.iofor mint

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