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06/22/22 UTC

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Project Description

Where the world-class of turn-based strategy Game meet the Best NFT game on the Fastest blockchain Solana.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

DragonWar NFT Roadmap

Alliance Of Eragard
right Q1 2022 left
✔ Core System: Hero, Dragon, Body Parts, Skill, Campaign Map
✔ Game mode: PvE (Passive Turn-based)
✔ Testnet Launch
✔ Marketplace

Strike Back
right Q2 2022 left
▪ Initial NFT Offering
▪ Mainnet Launch
▪ 2nd in-game Token: ERA
▪ Buiding, Resources, Farming system
▪ Dragon & Body parts: Upgrade, Fusion, Combine, Release, Dismantle
▪ Game mode: PvP (Passive Turn-based)
▪ More contents: Map Chapters, Dragons, Skills, Rarity level…

Civil Wars
right Q3 2022 left
▪ Game mode: PvP (Active Turn-based)
▪ PvP Tournament
▪ PvE additional modes & features:
– Treasure Hunting
– Dragon Hunting
– Boss Raid
– Hero’s Equipment System
▪ Mobile version
▪ Staking

The Eraverse
right Q4 2022 and beyond left
▪ Eragard Metaverse – The Eraverse
▪ Land & Kingdom
▪ Game mode: Massive Online Battlefield (Multiplayer PvP)
▪ World map: Guild Wars

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