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05/11/22 UTC

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Project Description

Duazlpan is a collection of NFTs produced by random programming process on the Ethereum blockchain.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Duazlpan NFT Roadmap

Building the connection between the inner heart and the virtual world of people.
Seeking for a perfect combination of artwork and techniques.
Working together to build, share and maintain Duazlpan brand value.

Version & Value

The Duazlpan team is committed to becoming a bridge between the inner and virtual world of all people and seeking the combination of art and technology.

The key vision is to build a sustainable Duazlpan community by creating and sharing together that come out a high quality Web3 decentralized brand.

Community Interests Take the overall interests of the community as the core principle, protect the basic rights and interests of holders, and make reasonable use of royalties for sustainable development

Community Creation Maintain vitality of products and market strategies, keep up with the trend and create actively

Product Cognition Discuss the philosophical connection between people and the world, build a community fused art and technology, and explore the relationship between consciousness and existence


Mod Settle
Recruit Mods from multiple areas & languages, collect suggestions to improve community

Community Globalization
Complete community globalization, establish effective multilingual channels, and encourage various forms of cultural activities within and between channels

Community Collegiality
The team and community members develop together, and community members can participate in follow-up investment, product planning, external cooperation and other matters

Build DAO
Build and improve DAO, encourage a positive earning cycle in community

Official Event

Official Link
Launch official Twitter account, Discord Channel and official Website
Project white paper (Duazlpan Document) released

Marketing Activity
Start OG & WL pre-mint
Start public mint
Verified on OpenSea

Project Collaboration
To collaborate with other NFT projects
Endeavor to reach crossover with other brands or manufacturers

Roadmap 2.0
Release updated new 2023 roadmap, which describes detailed overall plan for 2023

Fusion Platform

Innovative Fusion
Establish a world view of ‘Fusion’, tap into inner contradictions and conflicts of individuals

Technical Support
Original pioneer Fusion Platform, the basic tool for to achieve the Fusion world view, demonstrate the feasibility of Fusion Platform in NFT project

Volunteer Test
Pick up a small group of holders to obtain the pre-test opportunity to experience
Fusion Platform, of which criteria on basis of activity in the community and NFT holdings; then collect suggestions to achieve public test

Public Test
The fusion wave is sweeping, completely open the Fusion Platform to all holders

Real World

Offline Fashion Product
Seek investment from blockchain or industry to expand product areas, build own fashion brand or seek collaboration with existing brands, community members participate in revenue sharing

Fusion Promotion
Build collaboration with other mature NFT projects, promote the concept of ‘Fusion’, inject fresh vitality, provide new development directions to NFT projects

DAO Improvement
Improve the DAO, comprehensively and effectively collect opinions from holders via DAO, then adjust the project development strategy

Duazlpan World

Start 8192 NFT mint

Release the hidden ‘Pardizal Element’ of each NFT within 24 hours after public mint start

Collaborate with the Sandbox by purchasing virtual land. Release related rights and benefits of 4 hidden ‘Pardizal Element’ respectively, holders here can exchange properties, collaborate with other members having same rights level

Release mysterious market plan for 2023 and roadmap 2.0


NFT Collaboration
Seek cooperation with other NFT projects for positive inter-community development

Online & Offline Investment
Seek investments from real-world industry and metaverse to build the foundation for Duazlpan brand development and subsequent promotion


Join Us
Artist recruiting,seek for collaboration
Developer recruiting,improve Fusion Platform
Community manager recruiting,build up Duazlpan DAO

Additional Info

Presale- May 11th

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

Opensea-  https://opensea.io/collection/duazlpan

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