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Sale Time:

04/27/22 8:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Who is EggHeadFriends? When were young, dreamt of being EggHeadFriends, Anything and everything seemed possible. However, as time went by, the reality of life robbed us of our childhood ambitions. EggHead Friends wish to re-ignite that spark once again. Embrace creativity and work on the dreams you once had. Muster your courage and rewrite your story. Enter the EggHead Friends Club – where no ideads are too crazy nor dreams too foolish. Let’s Friends. Together.!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Egg Head Friends NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

Create fundamentals of EggHeadFriends
– Create 1200 AI generated EggHeadFriends NFTs
– Building a smart contract and a website
– Creating social media accounts
– Create a Discord server

Phase 2

Building a community
– Running social media events on twitter
– Running competitions in Discord
– Promotion through influencers

Phase 3

– Apply for secondary market places
– Send NFT’s to Whitelist
– Public launch (two days after presale)

Phase 4

100% sold (generation 1)
– 100% of the total Royalty will be shared to all Holders (monthly) 🎉
– Will reveal the rarity score on our website

Phase 5

Building a EggHeadFriends company and brand
– Will create a LLC for our EggHeadFriends. 🎉
– Create an online store for EggHeadFriends
– Create cool EggHeadFriends merchandise
– Starting marketing for our brand.
– Will raise floor price of the EggHeadFriends collection with a part of the income of our merchandise.

Phase 6

Next generation of EggHeadFriends
– Create a new generations of EggHead
– Marketing for the new generation
– Owners of the first generation, will be able to mint a EggHeadFriends generation nearly for free before the public launch starts
– Public launch of EggHeadFriends generation 2 🎉

Additional Info

The launch is on April 27, 2022 at 8p.m. All whitelisted addresses will receive our NFT automatically after the presale ends.

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