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06/22/22 UTC

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Project Description

Elite Nerdz is an educational collection looking to provide holders with exclusive Web 3 tools.

The story of a small-town village resting on top of a hill. NerdzVille has been betrayed by one of its Guardians to steal the village’s most valuable asset: Nerdium.

The Nerdz now need to stop the Bullies from raiding the cave and threatening their homes in a battle of a lifetime.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Elite Nerdz NFT Roadmap

The Oracle summons the Nerdz to NerdzVille and they begin their journey on the Solana blockchain after mint.

The story of the Nerdz vs Bullies begins and the community will decide what happens in the storyline and how to build the 3D animated videos.

Will continue to market for the project and reserving part of the budget for marketing efforts through promotions and collaborations.

Will be collaborating with other projects and partners to build the storyline and promote the project further. Our animated series will be used to push the project forward as involve other projects in our story. The community will decide which projects will participate in the Nerdz story.

Launching the Elite Nerdz platform which will become a Web 3.0 hub. Holders will have access to exclusive educational content and will be given the chance to sell courses and earn income from sales! The first full fledged peer to peer Web 3.0 platform!

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