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04/22/22 UTC

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Project Description

Elysium Shell is a NFT collection on Ethereum. Each NFT contains a unique profile picture and a 3D full-body avatar.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Elysium Shell NFT Roadmap

Elysium Shell Launch
Elysium Shell is the first NFT collection from our brand with 9999 supplies. Will combine the power of the community and creators to build a bridge that crosses the virtual and reality.

Re-Coding Mechanism
In Q3 2022, the Re-Coding stage will begin. Merge your Gen 1 E-Shell with an E-Code blind box to get a Gen 2 E-Shell. Gen 2 will be a sublimation of Gen 1 with unique looks, traits, and rarities.

Platform for Creators
Elysium Shell will be the Membership Pass for Elysium System. Aim to build the largest talent pool of creators in Web3 with our experience and resources by providing a platform that helps creators to gain exposure and exchange ideas and creative concepts with like-minded holders.

Integration of Virtual and Reality
To build a brand that bridges virtual and reality, Elysium will work with our community creators to release virtual and physical collectibles. Elysium will also curate exhibitions with art galleries around the world to spread the spirit and culture of Elysium.

Metaverse Phase
There will be 3D model for each avatar that create a seamless virtual experience in the future. It will also be the agents for Elysium residences that can be transferred between the virtual and physical world.

*Since the Elysium Universe is under development, we will continue to build and look for suitable platforms to provide metaverse experience. Join our community to discuss about the future of Elysium Universe.

Additional Info

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