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05/27/22 UTC

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Project Description

Introverts unite as the Encryptids NFT collection celebrates some of the most legendary nature-dwelling introverts.
They’ve spent thousands of years hiding from society in distant woods, Scottish lakes and on majestic ocean rocks.
Now, the Encryptids NFTs have been created to honor both their beauty and mystery.
Encryptids is a fun, family-friendly brand launch and NFT project of 6k mysterious “cryptid” creatures from long-time friends and women creators Kat French & Keisha Edwards.
Join the hunt for the first three mysterious Encryptids of increasing rarity to capture your own May 27, 2022.
In addition to being first in line to mint on the release date, numerous other surprises will be awarded to Encryptids holders!

Roadmap: Our introverted team members want to make capturing your own Encryptids easy. Unlike other NFT projects, there will be no hoops to jump through in order to mint. We’ve decided not to even have a Discord server!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Encryptids NFT NFT Roadmap

Character Reveals, Stories, and NFT Giveways
Learn about the elusive Encryptids as progressively reveal the initial three characters and their fun back-stories. And we have lots of contests and NFT giveaways to reward our early community!

AR/Metaverse Experience
Join the hunt for the Encryptids via our unique Augmented Reality experience. Spot Furry Murray and the other characters in your own neighborhood, capture a picture or video, and share it with your friends!

May 2022
Whitelisted minting opens for NFT holders of various partner projects to be announced soon!

+1-2 Days
Public Mint
Minting opens to the public for the first three Encryptid characters of varying rarity randomly distributed (4000+3000+2000). This first phase of the drop includes super-rare 1-of-1 characters that go along with their stories.

Discounted Merch
All Encryptid holders can unlock coupon codes for 50% off the positively fun paper goods at Kat French Design.

50% Minted
Exclusive Free Encryptids Merch
Kat will continue to design and release fun Encryptids merch on her store, and all Encryptid NFT holders can unlock a coupon to order them free! (shipping not included or available to all destinations)

Initial Mint-out
You Create the Final Encryptid!
Once the first 6k Encryptids are minted, owners will be able to vote on what the final Encryptid character should be via an on-chain snapshot vote and Kat will design it and all it’s traits of varying rarity, while Keisha writes it’s story incorporating your ideas!

+3-4 Weeks
Claim Your Final Character
The final character mint of opens, and only current holders of an Encryptid NFT from the initial drop will be able to claim the final character! One NFT per whitelisted wallet can be claimed while they are available. This character will be rarest of the rare, a reward for our Encryptid HODLRs.

Early Fall
Encryptids Childrens Book Release
Proceeds from this drop will help fund Kat and Keisha’s first childrens book based on your Encryptid characters and their fun backstories! Encryptid NFT holders will be able to unlock and download the free eBook version as a unique NFT, or unlock exclusive coupon codes to order it from Kat’s online store.

The Encryptids Universe Expands
Supporting Encryptids is a fun way you can collect, earn rewards and recieve free access to new short stories, animations and fun ways to use technology to have fun in the real world! The team is excited to see where the Encryptids brand can go in the world of fun family-friendly products and content.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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