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06/24/22 UTC

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EraMeta is a creator’s hub, a platform where businesses and individuals can have access to a simplified onboarding process on to Web3. Our view is that every business in the world can have an NFT, metaverse, or general Web3 strategy, and here to incubate them. Integrate real-life businesses into the Metaverse and provide a platform for them to manage their meta-business effectively. As for our “launchpad” (I hate calling it that because it is so much more), it is fully automated and requires absolutely no human interaction. Anyone can launch an NFT in under 5 minutes. The goal with this is to simplify the process of releasing a collection, reducing the barriers to entry for businesses and creators looking to join the industry. Also provide a fully customizable storefront, with a variety of templates, real-time analytics, and several other features to run your NFT collection as a business, not just a minting page.

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Coming soon!

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