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06/21/22 UTC

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Project Description

Ethereal States is a banner-format generative art project from Genuine Human Art, each created pixel by pixel – the building blocks that connect art and ourselves. The project is about the little moments. The memory of connection. Each place, each colour, each pixel evokes a feeling… or a memory of one.

Each generative artwork features a central focal point: a sun, a moon, a star, or more magical entities. These represent our Ethereal States. Some states are stronger, coming in greater numbers. Others more fragile and more rare. Holders of Ethereal States are connected through the project, part of the art piece itself, and connected to each other through their state – almost like families.

Created in pixel art from 18 parts, each with 20+ options. More than 360 unique assets. And countless variations – your personal piece being unique to you.

And do look out for Neruko the Cat.

Pixel by pixel. Dot by dot. Moment by Moment. Find your Ethereal State.

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Ethereal States NFT Roadmap

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