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05/10/22 UTC

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Project Description

Disrupting the aerospace industry. Catching asteroids. Minting NFTs to get you closer to space.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Explorers NFT Roadmap

The Explorers NFT community promises an engaging experience in imagining the future space economy.

Committing 90% of all proceeds to ExLabs and the Explorers community, with the balance for youth charity.

By purchasing an Explorers NFT, you’ll receive 10 Exploration Tokens per day which can be used for exclusive community benefits including evolving your limited edition NFT, getting your name out into the solar system, displaying artwork or an image of your choice on an actual spaceship, and even provide the opportunity to have an actual piece of a deep space asteroid.

Web3 Utility Roadmap

2022 Q3
Token Redemption, First Airdrop

2022 Q4
Primo Astro Series, Deep Space Vehicle Airdrop, Rocket Ship Burn Mechanism

2023 Q1/Q2
Schematic Designs, Rocket Launch Pack, Series 3 Drop

2023 Q3/Q4
‍‍Spaceship Art Competition, Series 4, Spacesuit Designs

Metaverse Rocket Launch, Spacesuit Challenge

2025 and Beyond
Live Rocket launch and launch party, Owning a piece of an asteroid…

General Roadmap

Explorers NFT Series 1 Drop
‍Explorers NFT Series One will be the genesis of the Explorers NFT Community

Explorers Treasury
42% of sales to be reserved for current and continuous community development. The direction of future community improvements will be reserved for Explorers NFT members only.

Schematic Airdrops
Stylized Schematics airdrops for the different ExLabs Exploration Vehicle Subsystems. Additional Exclusive Airdrops to commemorate Milestones and Special Exploration Developments.

Exploration Token
Use your Exploration tokens to ‘discover’ additional Properties for your NFT: imbue your artwork with additional mining equipment, populate the sky with ships and celestial objects, or you might hit the jackpot and find a mountain of iridium!

Space and Science Education
10% to support mission associated programs, such as space and science education for children.

Additional perks such as launching your name to space, voting on community decisions, VIP package to attend an exclusive party for a mission launch, submitting suggestions for naming a spaceship, and potentially acquiring real space mineral samples will be available within the Explorers NFT ecosystem.

Note: NFT holders will have first right of refusal for the most exclusive of ExLabs offerings.

Additional Info

Minting the Explorers NFT will only be available here on our official website, where you will be able to mint on the day of the sale.

Join our Discord community and stay tuned for updates!

Learn more about how to set up your wallet and mint an NFT here- https://levelup.gitconnected.com/how-to-use-metamask-a-step-by-step-guide-f380a3943fb1

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