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06/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

Fearless Feather Flock is the first resort membership and real estate NFT in the Philippines. The first NFT project with approved registration from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a fully pledged and documented corporation.

What sets us apart from other NFT companies is that, in exchange for purchasing Fearless Feather Flock’s artworks, people get the chance to have a 5-year free resort membership in our beach resort in Aurora. Our NFT artworks promote and value the importance of making our Filipino culture known and revealing its peculiarities among other NFTs.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Fearless Feather Flock NFT Roadmap


Going Public
Official announcement of Fearless Feather Flock

Endorsements & Partnerships
Collaboration with various talents and brands

Mint Giveaways
Would be giving away 1 FREE mint every week to one lucky member prior to Flock 1

Construction Starts
Start of construction and landscaping

Free Accommodation
Multiple tents will be freely available to all discord members as construction commences. Only limited tents will be available, but others can choose to pitch their own tent free of charge


Whitelist Mint
Minting of our Flock 1 whitelisted NFT

Public Mint
Public minting of our Flock 1 NFT

Free Accommodation Closes
Free accommodation to all discord members will be closed and will now be limited to F3 holders


Minting of our whitelisted Flock 2 NFT (Flock 1 holders would get priority access to Flock 2 minting)

Public Mint 2.0
Public minting of our Flock 2 NFT


F3 Merch
Access to exclusive F3 merchandise — including customized stickers, shirts, tumblers, and caps

Physical flock card
Exclusive membership card ownership (must be a holder of at least 3 months)

Further expanding network through connecting with credible endorsers, brands, and SME partnerships

Flock holders earn passive income by locking NFTs


Whitelist Mint 3.0
Minting of our whitelisted Flock 3 NFT (Flock 1/2 holders would get priority access to Flock 3 minting)

Public Mint 3.0
Public minting of our Flock 3 NFT


Flock Party
Building and inauguration of our exclusive resort where holders could enjoy exclusive access to the amenities and connect with other members of the flock

Invite Only Party
Event exclusive to holders where everyone could connect and build their network

Flocker Portal
where holders would access their discounts and perks

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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