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05/22/22 3:31 pm UTC

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Project Description

A story about 6 friends who live an antisocial life in a social media world! Buying these NFTs gets you a front row seat helping to create the story line of a new animated series with celebrity appearances, major giveaways, & best of all a 30% stake in the project revenue!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Final Humans NFT Roadmap

100 SOL Giveaway
100 SOL giveaway after the first 25% of Final Humans minted

100 SOL Giveaway
Start development of merchandise store with access given to Final Human Holders
Holders who own one of each character will get shipped free merchandise

100 SOL Giveaway
Start community wallet with 500 SOL for episode drop giveaways, charity or other community initiatives.
After each episode drop SOL from the community wallet will be given away.

400 SOL Giveaway
Holders receive 30% of post mint generated revenue through claim airdrops!
Stake your NFT for passive rewards
50% Royalties given back to the community for secondary market sales
The work on building the animated series takes place
Are you a musician? Holders can submit their music to be featured in the series!
Community Voting on Storyline for each episode
Showcase member chosen charity after each episode drop to help the community give back
SOL giveaway after every episode drop!
Hire a community manager to further expand and strengthen the community
Plans start for new character development

Additional Info

Launching May 22nd, 2022!

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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