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06/27/22 UTC

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Project Description

FluffyBrother is a collection of digital artworks (NFTs) that are built on the Ethereum blockchain network. Each NFT is blessed and prayed over. While often positively associated with culture, race carries connotations regularly exploited in statistical accountings and political action; meanwhile, the word itself finds stubborn use in the United States, and, increasingly, in Europe.

At FluffyBrother, seek to outlive these judgmental binds and transcend awareness to the Metaverse, where the archaic essence of race is revealed as if worn away by the sands of time and technology. By supporting FluffyBrother, you support intrinsic qualities shared by all human beings: in our mutual respect, beauty, and a yearning for unity. Believe our community can change the virtual world, and invite you to join us in this one-of-a-kind NFT project with the purpose of forever righting history.

Black Unity features an expanding universe of creative artworks, products, merchandise and events accessible to anyone and everyone through ownership of FluffyBrother. By owning a FluffyBrother, you become a member of a global community committed to upholding the wonders of diversity in a digital age where empowered to shed the world’s historical distinctions. Support charity Projects and personal lives- our Discord community chooses.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

FluffyBrother NFT Roadmap

The first 200 FluffyBrother holders automatically get a Unique FluffyBrother Ownership from our emerging collection featuring pre-release customizations and goodies.

A vote will be held among FluffyBrother owners in our exclusive Discord community channel for the donation of $15,000 to a certified charity organization anywhere in the world.

This milestone activates a community vote to make a $25,000 donation to a certified charity organization anywhere in the world and a $20,000 cash giveaway to one lucky FluffyBrother owner with the most incredible story.

In our quest to become a thriving NFT community in an expanding Metaverse, all FluffyBrother owners will be automatically entered to win a brand new Tesla Model X valued at $130,000 with the lucky winner announced in our exclusive Discord community channel.

Deeply grateful for your support in making FluffyBrother a part of the Metaverse as one of its symbols for diversity, unity and hope. This transformative milestone results in a $100,000 donation from the Bank of FluffyBrother to a chosen certified charity organization announced on our exclusive Discord community channel, as well as a $100,000 Cash Gift Card of Your Choice giveaway to a lucky FluffyBrother owner with the most incredible story to tell. It also marks the beginning of our journey into the Metaverse where we invite all community members to partake in the creativity and synergy that determines what this generation stands for. In celebration of the FluffyBrothercommunity, each NFT owner will receive a physical, custom-made collector’s coin fashioned in unique designs upon the release of every new FluffyBrother collection. These limited-run physical coins will become rare collector items and no longer available following the release of their respective FluffyBrother NFT artwork.

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