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06/18/22 UTC

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Project Description

FreekyFruits is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain that is created by a talented artist and a technology enthusiast.
Decided to create this project because want to bring art connoisseurs and blockchain enthusiasts together.

All traits are hand-drawn with an eye for detail and then computer-generated to create unique images. Some are rarer than others, but all are amazing drawings.

Owning one of Dr. Freeky’s fruits gives you access to a private section on the site and gives you a chance of winning exclusive content. Be part of an amazing community by owning one of our NFT’s.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Freeky Fruits NFT Roadmap

JUNE 2022

Start Whitelist Minting
People that help us grow have a chance of getting on our whitelist. This can be done by engaging on Twitter, Instagram, or Discord. Users on the whitelist get to mint for a cheaper price. The First 100 members on Discord are automatically put on the whitelist, and given a special supporters role.

20% of first 3000 images sold
The first 600 Freeky apples are sold and a new fruit becomes available for whitelist minting ( randomly drawn from our community). 10 NFT giveaways of the new fruit, randomly drawn from the first 600 holders.

40% of 6000 images sold
2400 NFT’s have been sold and we do a 5 Ethereum giveaway divided to 25 holders of the first 2400 NFT’s.

60% of 6000 images sold
Already 3600 images have been sold. Time for the final fruit release. Whitelist will be drawn from the first 3600 holders. 10 NFT giveaways of the new fruit to holders randomly drawn.

80% of 9000 images sold.
7200 Images sold and almost sold out. Give 5 exclusive high-quality drawings to 5 holders.

100% of 9000 images sold.
All 9000 images are sold. 3 collections of 3000 fruits are living on the Ethereum chain. To celebrate we will draw 1 lucky holder that wins 10 Ethereum.

Additional Info

Saturday, June 18th 2022-
Presale: 0.065

Saturday, June 25th 2022
Public sale: 0.085

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