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05/20/22 UTC

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Project Description

An eccentric, one-of-a-kind collection of 12,000 Funki Foxes living luxuriously in their own universe; the Funkiverse. No expense was spared in crafting these tokens which really capture the individual nature of each fox they represent; so as to create unique assets that are representative of their virtual owners. Owning a Funki Fox is proof of your enhancement into Funkizen status and this comes with the prospect of co-creating the future of the Funkiverse, access to members-only benefits and undiscovered perks.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Funki Foxes NFT Roadmap


We envisioned this as a long term project and with that conviction in mind, we set some missions to accomplish at certain stages.

  • 10% : Airdrop to 12 random wallets holding the FUFO token.
  • 20% : Exclusive Funkizen Merch store is launched with surprise unlockables.
  • 30% : ETH raffle for Funkizens.
  • 40% : We release the treasure hunts with various prizes up for grabs.
  • 50% : Activation of the Funki Foxes liquidity pool.
  • 60% : 120 hodlers would be selected to receive custom prints of their Funki Foxes.
  • 70% : We release a limited collection of digital trading cards.
  • 90% : We go hunting for some virtual land where we can all hangout.
  • 90% : Unveiling the Tavern.
  • 100% : Advancing deep into the Funkiverse.

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