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04/26/22 UTC

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Project Description

1500 Gangsta Turtles from Downtown, Cardano City. A city where you gotta watch your step, a city ruled by druglords, trappers and shooters.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Gangsta Turtles NFT Roadmap

Start of the Journey:
1500 Gangsta Turtles enter the CNFT world. The launch date is the 26th April 20:00 utc.

Holders of Season 1 Gangsta Turtles will receive their benefits according to their Tier.
First and foremost the ADA rewards for Tier 1 holders will get distributed. After that all holders including the Basic Tier will get the chance to win partnered NFT‘s through raffles, which are GT-holder exclusive.

Launch of Season 2:
Our Season 2 collection launches. Every Tier 1,2,3 holder will receive an airdrop of a Season 2 Gangsta Turtle. Every Basic Tier holder will gain early access. Season 2 will mark the end of the Gangsta Turtle 2D-Era. From then on our GT‘s will enter new territory.

New Territory:
Our very limited 3D-Collection launches. Tier 1 and 2 holders of Season 1 will have presale access via whitelist. As our new GT-Species comes to life, an array of possibilities emerge. This stage will represent a transitional phase into a community-driven, gamified ecosystem.

Tokenization and Gamification Era:
At this stage launching our play-to-earn GT-Game which will provide another level of engagement and utility to our community.
Also going to launch our GT-Token which will be accessible through in-game-rewards.
The characters of our game will be our 3D-GT‘s, holding Season 1 and 2 GT‘s will grant you access to special in-game-perks.
Further details will be announced as our journey progresses.


Additional Info

Season 1 will launch on the 26th of April at 20:00 UTC.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for updates!

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