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06/17/22 UTC

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Project Description

Celebrating sisterhood, Geechee SOL Sisters is a wholesome collection of 5,555 unique NFTs that live on the Solana Blockchain. Featuring a pair of beautiful and kind-hearted sisters, the Geechee SOL collection celebrates the rich and distinctive ethnic cultures of the Gullah and Geechee people, and the celebration of creole culture. Holders of our project will enjoy exclusive benefits of the Geechee SOL Federation, which includes staking, airdrops, exclusive NFT airdrops, prize raffles, and access to holder-only Geechee SOL merchandise!

The long term goal of the project is to build a brand with real life utility (including merchandising and event hosting). The project is centered on inclusivity and immersion in the experience of the geechee gullah culture. This will include partnerships with boutique vendors that represent that culture to provide unique experiences to our holders.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Geechee SOL Sisters NFT Roadmap

Geechee SOL Roadmap

2022-Q2 to present
Learn | Earn Whitelist Access Our Geechee SOL Community is now live on Discord! Join our Discord here. As a member of the Geechee SOL Federation discord, you will have opportunities to learn more about our project and be rewarded for sharing our project across your social media platforms. Active community participants will receive airdrops of our Utility Token ($GEECH) which reward holders with whitelist access to our projects, mint discounts, and otherspecial perks. We will begin to utilize our Utility Token ($GEECH) with airdrops that grant whitelist access (i.e. early access to mint an NFT at a discount).

May 27th, 2022
1.25 SOL Per Geechee SOL Sisters NFT
Today is a glorious day! On May 27th, 2022 we will be opening our project mint to the public. More information about our minting process and announcements can be accessed over our Discord.

In addition to making charitable donations with community-generated funds, lucky Geechee SOL Sisters NFT holders chosen at random will also be awarded SOL for their support of our project. A portion of the minting revenue will go to fund our community DAO. The holders of Geechee SOL Sisters NFTs will share an actionable voice on this project, with our community budget used to satisfy holders’ requests. Community floor sweeps, purchasing metaverse land, yield farming, support of charitable programs, NFT airdrops, special giveaways, and other ideas are fully welcome and encouraged! Our team is committed to maintaining full transparency and establishing trust with our stakeholders. Proof of all milestone award transactions will be announced on our website as well as across socials. You can learn more about our prize distribution schedule to holders below:
– 500 $GEECH will be rewarded across 50 random NFT Holders
– 500 $GEECH will be rewarded across 50 random NFT Holders
– 1000 $GEECH will be rewarded across 200 random NFT Holders
– 150 SOL will be deposited into the community treasury fund to later be controlled by the DAO
– 2000 $GEECH will be rewarded across 200 random NFT Holders

Fair Market Values
After the minting process, Geechee SOL Sisters will be available for purchase on secondary markets like OpenSea, Magic Eden, SolSea, Solanart. Portions of community DAO funds can be allocated towards floor sweeps to keep market value competitive, with full input from our community.

Will establish the Geechee SOL Token ($GEECH). NFT holders will have the opportunity to stake their NFTs in the Geechee SOL Yield Farm to earn passive $GEECH Tokens. Holders can then use their $GEECH to exercise their community voting rights, access exclusive NFT drops, receive free airdropped NFTs and more!

Interactive Trait Rarity Grid
Will release an interactive feature on allowing community members to view and compare the uniqueness and rarity of traits across all Geechee SOL Sisters NFTs. These generative NFTs are algorithmically assembled with layers of common and super rare traits, with rarer traits typically carrying higher perceived value. With our strong belief in fair mints, will invest in systems to randomize the minting order of our NFTs to ensure a fair mint and fair opportunity to minting SOL Sisters NFTs with the rarest traits.

Voting Rights
The SPL Token Governance Protocol will be integrated with our Discord Community to facilitate the Geechee SOL Federation DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on the Solana Blockchain. Using this structured approach, the NFT holder community will be able to vote on the direction of the project and key decisions impacting its future trajectory. Membership levels are correlated with $GEECH of the NFT holders, so please remember to take advantage of staking to passively earn more $GEECH. The more $GEECH you hold, the greater say you have in the DAO.

Branding, Products, Services, Events
Digital and physical goods will be produced through collaborations with authentic geechee and gullah artisans. Some of these will be exclusively available for purchase by Geechee SOL NFT and $GEECH holders; and others will be available for non-holders to increase public brand awareness.
The blueprint includes the integration of Geechee SOL charaters in:
– Geechee SOL Food Cookbooks
– Geeche Narrated Short Stories (audio)
– Limited-Edition Geechee SOL Collectibles

Additional Geechee SOL NFTS
Geechee SOL NFT holders will be able to spend their $GEECH to purchase and mint future NFT drops. The design and release of future NFTs will be influenced by the Geechee SOL community. The goal is to create future NFT collections that are congruent and keeping with the Geechee SOL brand direction.

Additional Info

MINT 06-17-22 | WL Now!

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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