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06/16/22 UTC

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Project Description

Our NFTs will become dNFTs with which you will be able to get new art through staking without increasing the supply! Expertise -> Art-Lead: Disney Pixar, Marvel, Sony Pictures. Dev-Lead: Amazon, DELL, Microsoft, SouthWorks.

You can tell about it in the quality of our NFTs and Whitepaper.
Our goal is to make one of the strongest utility-focused projects with impact in the web3 and the real world.
Dive into our Lore written by a pro novelist!

ARTISTS and GEEKS, and we did this for COLLECTORS.

Get ready to Mint, you Geek!

Weirdos… but cool!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Geexolotls NFT Roadmap

Q4 2021
Envisioning & Foundations
Our vision is simple, here to delight and entertain. To achieve our aspirations, have to build our foundations. In this stage, we are crafting the NFTs and curating the collection. Writing our Lore and building our Webpage. Deploying our digital footprint and integrating with Solana’s ecosystem.

16th June 2022
Genesis Collection Launch
The Geexolotls are born.
3333 Geexolotls minted on Solana.
The exact moment we make our moms proud.

Q2 2022
Stake your Geexolotls to get daily benefits of our utility token $NEON. Then swap your $NEON to get Geexo-Rewards. A program made to recognize your commitment to the project, and add value to your precious collection.

Q3 2022
Lore Related Collection Launch
Remember you were greedly accumulating $NEON tokens? Well, a new artwork collection is coming. Follow closely the Lore, that will unveil the secret when the time is right.
One thing is for sure, the Geexos are not alone.
The nightmare is coming…

Q2/Q4 2022
Metaverse Experience & Gaming
While you are staking, sit back and wait for the release of our Experience at The Sandbox. Our Lore will come to life in a quest based adventure full of scenic views and lovely voxel art. Once deliver the experience, will focus on our own creation, the Game. Hold your horses, as crafting a way to get precious $NEON with it, in late 2022!

Additional Info

Want to have the “first-come, first-served” experience that resemblance back to the days of ripping open your favorite trading card packs. A Fair Mint means every Minter will have the same chance of getting the rarest Geexos of the collection, even the Legendaries. To enforce this, we will use the Candy Machine Project from the Metaplex Foundation, the NFT Standard for the Solana network.

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