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06/21/22 UTC

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Grateful Giraffes is a global movement powered by a community of gratitude enthusiasts who combine ancient wisdom with modern technology to improve collective well-being.

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Grateful Giraffes NFT Roadmap

Gratitude Boost – Live Now!
A live, guided, 10 minute gratitude meditation followed by a 10 minute group gratitude share for up to 10 people (on Zoom). The perfect way to start the day.

The Gratitude Wall – Tel Aviv – March ’22
A celebration for Grateful Giraffes of all species and sizes to dance, play, create, and share gratitude.

Grateful Giraffe NFT Launch (June ‘22)
10,000 Giraffe NFTs, each unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including species, age, expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All giraffes are grateful, but some are rarer than others 🙂

The Grateful Giraffes Shop (July ‘22)
A bespoke collection of journals, socks, shirts, scarves, jewelry, bags, and beyond. All items sustainably sourced and produced.

Gratitude-as-a-Service (September ‘22)
Building the “Gratitude Stack” through a portfolio of courses, workshops, retreats, live meditations, group experiences, and coaching.

Gratitude For Business (January ‘23)
Bringing the Grateful Giraffe Gratitude portfolio to the workplace, improving organizational culture, and strengthening remote teams through gratitude!

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