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05/08/22 10:00 am UTC

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The GRAYCRAFT Mechs are designed as full body 3D models that you will be able to use as your avatar both on your PFP and in the future Metaverse. Expect to get a PFP as the main NFT and also rigged 3D models in both voxel format (Sandbox) and high resolution format (unreal engine and unity based games). Currently working on a total of 6 main Mech bodies (GC3,4,5,6,7,8) with 4 variants each – a total of 24 base possibilities, all to maximise the uniqueness of each Mech. The GRAYCRAFT Universe imagines a metaversal mythology where mankind realises its grandest ambitions and meets its most epic challenges. Building the GCU, bring to life a multi-genre, science-fantasy epic that charts the adventures of characters in a space-faring future. Discover our upcoming collection of metaverse ready full body 3D Mech avatars. With over 24 uniquely designed variants generated with different materials, colours and textures, present to you the Mech collection you deserve. Our vision is to build the GRAY® Branded Universe, similar to the Marvel cinematic universe or Warcraft which will involve the creation of IP for different characters, vehicles, environments, story lines which will leverage into digital and physical product experiences. Coupled with an inclusive approach to brand building by involving the community for their ideas, collaborations with other artists in the space, always being transparent in our progress, and being a communicative team that interacts proactively with the public through available channels.

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The GRAYCRAFT Universe imagines a metaversal mythology where mankind realises its grandest ambitions and meets its most epic challenges.

Building the GCU, bring to life a multi-genre, science-fantasy epic that charts the adventures of characters in a space-faring future.

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Underpinning the GRAYCRAFT Universe is the GRAYCRAFT mythos. Combining political and scientific motifs with a strong mythic quality, the GRAYCRAFT Universe explores the concept of the ‘GRAY’, that constant struggle between good and evil, modernity and tradition, black and white.

See the GRAYCRAFT mythos as a homage to the ancient and modern epics such as The Odyssey, using the science-fantasy medium to develop rich characters and worlds that showcase the human condition, pushed to its limits.

Across every genre, the GRAYCRAFT mythos is at the centre of what we do.


Our inspiration for the GRAYCRAFT Universe came from a childhood watching science-fiction movies and animes, and waiting in anticipation for the latest instalment of our favourite comics and mangas. It is therefore only natural that we see the comic and animation genre as the perfect medium for us to explore our themes, and where our assets can be best represented.

Envision GRAYCRAFT as an entertainment vehicle that allows our Captains to own their featured assets and see the stories they wish to tell come to life.


In an environment constantly fixated on the next big play to earn game, have a simple thesis: Games have to be fun, first.

Excited by visual heavy, PVP and multiplayer battle arena style games that allow us to showcase key chapters of the GRAYCRAFT Universe in engaging and interactive mediums.

Currently seeking key partnerships with credible experience in the gaming space in order to unlock this reality, and will move forward quickly when confident that we can deliver a product that is both sustainable and exciting.


Proud to have built what we believe to be the best looking science-fantasy NFT assets, and are excited to take these to a new genre in the physical space,

Already, proven the concept with the GRAYCRAFT1 physical sculpture, illustrating that our designs are as stunning as a physical collectible as they are in the metaverse. This has also allowed us to establish our supply chain and develop key contacts in the collectible and lifestyle products space. With our IP, envision taking this to the next level with collectibles of varying levels of detail that appeal to all, from those looking for a nice companion to their NFTs to those who demand the highest level of detail in their models.

The physical collectible space will allow us to supercharge our ambition as a phygital brand that transcends both environments.


Want our community to look as good in the real world as they do in the metaverse.

Captains and Citizens alike can expect exclusive streetwear drops in perpetuity. Will create a year round ‘core’ collection of apparels and accessories, as well as seasonal capsule collections that explore various themes based on the current chapter of the GRAYCRAFT universe. Imagine that these creations will be techwear focused, in line with the science-fantasy theme of the project.

Beyond our own fashion label, also aspire to collaborate with notable streetwear artists.


Our philosophy towards the metaverse is simple: Believe that the GRAYCRAFT Universe is multi-genre and metaverse agnostic. This means that will explore all compatible worlds where our community can enjoy shared, exciting experiences.

Already, developing the GRAYCRAFT Experience Centre on the Sandbox, where Captains can live the GC universe. Both voxel based (Sandbox) and 3D (Unreal Engine driven) platforms excite us, and in discussions with potential partners to bring our assets into their worlds.

At the same time, cannot ignore the most active metaverses of the present – Twitter and Discord, where determined to create organic and inclusive communities. Our ambition is to amplify the GRAYCRAFT Universe strongly in these spaces to strengthen our culture and deliver immediate value to our Captains.


As exciting as the metaversal future is, of the belief that there still is a place for local in-real-life activations.

Envision turning unique physical destinations in key cities into interactive exhibitions of the GRAYCRAFT Universe, showcasing artefacts such as props, artworks and models. These exhibitions will be open to both the public and our Captains alike, with our Captains being able to unlock exclusive benefits & experiences.

Want to use these touch points as a way to show our creative process, from early concept drawings and storyboarding. In this way, able to enrich the GRAYCRAFT Universe and its iconic characters in new light, illustrating how their environments, and personal choices, helped to shape their identities.


WAGMI means all make it. Together. Building the GRAYCRAFT Universe is not a mission can accomplish alone. Within, look towards our community as our key pillar of confidence and collaboration. Externally aspire to develop and sustain strategic relationships that allow us to amplify our brand and unlock new capabilities.


GRAY® has always been built upon the vision of “where the few become the many”, and GRAYCRAFT is our most ambitious project yet, created by all, open to all.

Our community must be at the heart of what do. As push ever boldly into expanding the GRAYCRAFT Universe, committed to putting our Captains first. This means an open, transparent and frequent line of communication with our Captains that develops our culture.

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