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06/23/22 2:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Green Land Engine
– Passive Income Equipment SALE The project’s development team is German. Our goal of the project is of course to develop the limiting world – Metaverse.

Since the moment Cardano published the smart contracts we knew this is the network that were going to develop the next GreenLand Metaverse!

The reason for this is because still live on an earth that has existed for thousands of years when there are many factors that pollute it.

The world is advancing to green energy, but no less important is to give awareness and donations through the metaverse to the real world to advance the field. Our future of the parallel world is certain, it is important to give the younger generation an awareness of the importance of preserving the planet, this is the main reason we started the project!

In our metaverse you will have the opportunity to build a greener world, houses, energy, commerce, rivers by which you will get REWERD in our GreenLand Token .

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Green Land Engine NFT Roadmap


Q1 2022
Marketing . [V]
Social Media Live Twitter,Discord . [V]
Official Website . [V]
Lands Policy ID . [V]
Verified on popular marketplaces like , . [V]

Early March 2022
First land parcels sale in Pre-sale release 3,000 1X1 (SOLD OUT). [V]

Q2 2022
Double Marketing Budget . [V]
Meeting with the developers team and discussion community suggestions . [V]
Secondary land/estate sale to significant community demand . [V]
New metaverse Equipment sale for your parcels .

Q3 2022
$GreenLand token release and airdrop for land holders . [V]
Token listing on Cardano DEXs with liquidity . [V]
Events for Green Land Metaverse land holders .

Q3/Q4 2022
Rewarding program starts! Community first. Reward Pool To Our Holders .
Realistic Avatar release.
Last land/estate sale.

Q4/Q1 2023
First live event hosted in Green Land Metaverse .
Tokens will be usable in our metaverse .
Test Green Land Metaverse .
First special events in our metaverse to land holders .

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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