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05/14/22 UTC

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Project Description

Hand In A Sock is a collection of 4,545 randomly generated 24×24 pixelated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each Sock comes with varying traits and rarity.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Hand In A Sock NFT Roadmap

May 15-16 2022
Phase 1
✅ Listing on secondary market places (once sell out) – LISTING SUBMISSION COMPLETE
Create verified Discord channel for Hand In A Sock Holders. Dedicated to molding $SHOE tokenomics to best benefit and bring profit to our holders and community.

May 21-28 2022
Phase 2
✅ Creation of $SHOE token & daily airdrop to Hand In A Sock holders – BACKEND TOKEN CREATION AND AIRDROP TEST COMPLETE

June 4-11 2022
Phase 3
Release of “Sock Dealers” – minted with $SHOE.
Each Sock Dealer will increase daily airdrop of $SHOE per Hand In A Sock by 25%

End of June 2022
Phase 4
Launch “The Back Alley”. Wager your Sock against an opponents Sock.
Winner takes losers NFT.
Probability of winning will depend on two factors:
1. Rarity of NFT (visible to opponent)
2. Amount of $SHOE burned (NOT visible to Opponent)
Let the mind games begin…

July 2022
Phase 5
The back alley takes over…
– Merch (clothing, canvas art and more…)

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