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04/24/22 UTC

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Happi Frens is a collection of 4200 algorithmically generated and hand made pixel art NFTs on Ethereum

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Happi frens NFT Roadmap

Hello frens! Most projects use this section to talk about utility or tokens or staking or play to earn, or some other current ‘utility’ trend.

When I was reaching out to founders of some big NFT projects for advice, one founder answered when I asked, ‘what utility should have for Happi Frens?’, he just said, ‘its better to have no utility than some half assed utility’.

So yeah, currently don’t have any plans for p2e game or tokens or anything that’s the current ‘meta’. This is purely an art and pfp project, but in the future may go where the journey and community takes us :D.

But currently have a few ideas in mind, but don’t want to set anything in stone or over promise. Some of the ideas working on that include:

– Collabs with other projects for a different experience
– Airdrops
– Exclusive merch
– Charitable support
– Online community events to fuck around and vibe

As for the airdrop, I have had this idea for an art concept since i started working on the art for Happi Frens, and I wanna bring that idea to a reality, haven’t seen pretty much any project right now using that art form, don’t know about the future, but yeah, i would be working on that for the airdrop, and lemme tell you, YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING LOVE IT!

And as you may know from our discord, will be as real and as transparent as possible, I have worked on this project since october end and I won’t let all this work go to shit,
so every lil fuck up make, every lil progress make, will be sharing it with you, ain’t no shame in that.

– Vins, artist and frontend

P.S.- Happi Frens can potentially integrate with [redacted]-verse in the future if the community wants and supports it. Have talked to the founders of the project (not saying the name as don’t wanna use their name to promise something that cannot confirm yet), cannot promise for sure, but yeah, wanted y’all to know.

Additional Info

If you hold the NFTs of some project(s), then you will be eligible for whitelist. The project(s) are – The Lotus Project by @Notsofast. Or if you’re an OG member in our discord.
Alternatively, you can take part in the various WL giveaways we conduct on twitter and on discord.

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